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Russian phone numbers for SMS verification

russian fake number

So did you make orders in food delivery services? pizza? food products? In nutshell, you made hear about different promocodes for the first order and others. You will know how to get promocode using only Russian sim card.

Sale for every order by Russian phone numbers

Let me tell you about the usefulness of promocodes sales of the biggest food delivery services in Russia with Russian sim card. Your friend or mom or cousin makes a pizza order and receives a referral code for relatives and friends that give you a special promocode for the sale for you and for the owner too. You make an order with this code and take your sale. Wow! This strategy is the most popular in the whole world, but if you surf the internet for the theme: “promocode for …” You find many codes only for the first orderLet’s look at this picture. You need to use 1 phone number for the 1 order and then find another one, your relatives and others. It’s very problematic every time to search for a new Russian sim card.

How to use temporary Russian phone number

There are many different ways to find services to receive SMS online in Russia. You will find many fakes websites for free Russian numbers, but it is better to pay 2 rubles to have a sale for 500 rubles, for example. After all, I would like to give you the advice to use SMS-Man service. It’s the best because:

  • It’s very useful. You may take Russian numbers not only for food delivery but for the social networks, online shops, etc.

russian sim card

  • There are democratic prices for Russian phone numbers. You may add your wallet for 1 or 5 $ and use it more than for 10 SMS.
  • There are more than 10 ways to add funds to your wallet. SMS-Man has the fastest payment shipping. Try it.russian sim card

How to get Russian mobile number by Sms-man?

  1. Firstly go to the SMS-Man website and sign up.
    russian sim card
  2. Secondly add your wallet for 1 or 5 dollars. It depends on your reasons.
  3. Choose Russian Federation to receive SMS online from Russia one or another service you like.
  4. Thirdly your Russian phone number verification SMS code will appear at the top of the site.

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Russian phone numbers for SMS verification
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