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Tradingview sign up without a phone number

tradingview sign up

Interest in cryptocurrencies is growing every day. Today you can make a lot of money: mining cryptocurrencies with videocards, investing in futures, buying currency, entering long and short. Also, do not forget about stocks and exchange rates. On the rise and fall of their prices you can also earn. Of course, in order to make money you need to  analyze. Tradingview is the best platform for analyzing prices of cryptocurrencies, fiat currencies. it is even more convenient to analyze prices from your tradingview account. Of course, you need a phone number to create an account. so I will show you tradingview sign up. to buy and sell at bargain prices you need to have your phone with you at all times. but using such sites on your smartphone is not convenient. so I’ll also tell you the advantages of using the tradingview app.

Tradingview sign up account for making money

In tradingview you can view prices at any time. if you speculate you can view them at 1 minute, 5 minutes or even 30 seconds! This is very handy for detailed parsing and analytics. There are also tools for those. Analyses tools such as “Bulls and Bears Power”. You can find out which market is stronger now. bullish – more buying than selling. bearish – more selling than buying. This tool can help you whether the cryptocurrency or stock will fall or rise next. You can set timers. For example, you want to go to the site when the price of the stock will go up from 10$ to 13$ to sell it. for that you can set the timer and you will get a notification.

Tradingview app: capabilities and tools

Tradingview has just as easy to use app. it takes only 28 megabytes. but the functionality is exactly the same as the website. Personally, I’ve used a huge number of investment apps, but tradingview app tops my list. No app will give you as many features as this. all the same tools as on the website, and most importantly for free. But most of the features are still available when you have a tradingview account. it requires a phone number for verification. So, I will show you how to create tradingview account without phone number. Read on.

tradingview sign up

  • The first thing you will have to do is of course go to the tradingview website. And click at the top of the site, “get started” to get signed up.

tradingview sign up

  • Now you may start the long-awaited registration. When you click on “get started” you will be offered to buy a paid subscription. We’ll skip this step and go straight to the point, so click on “sign up”.

tradingveiw account

  • Here you need to choose how you will create an account, through linking to other accounts or creating a new one from scratch. I’ll show you both.

tradingview sign up without phone up

  • With linking to an account is simple: you choose what you want to link to and specify the data. With registering from scratch, it’s more interesting. Click on “email”.

tradingview verification

  • Here you specify the data you’re being asked for.
  • Now go to the account settings and look for where you need to enter the number.

tradingview phone number

  • Well, I have found everything for you. We are both interested in the “private details” section. Here you see the inscription “phone” and a special window. But what do you have to write there?

sms-man number purchase

You need to buy a number at our site sms-man. You go to our site, choose the service “tradingview” and choose the country whose number you want to buy. It will be displayed on your site. You have to copy and paste it into the field shown above. After you receive an SMS, but do not forget that you have to use a VPN. This is necessary for the service to understand that you are in the country whose number you have bought; otherwise, the message may not reach you. The code you get will be displayed directly under the number, so you can copy it too and specify it on the site. That’s how you can register without phone number in just a few minutes.

I hope that this article was useful for you, good luck and big earnings!

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