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Blocking in Kakaotalk can I restore my account?

According to statistics, KakaoTalk is present in 90% of smartphone users in South Korea, which makes it the most popular messenger in this country. The application attracts with its intuitive interface, low traffic consumption, the possibility of free promises and correspondence around the world, and many other features. But how I can restore my account?

On the Internet, there are more and more messages “Why Kakaotalk blocked” or “How to use Kakaotalk-writes that the account is blocked”. Of course, you can contact the site administration, but in most cases, no one will restore your account to you. And the answer itself has to wait about a month.

Как бороться с данной проблемой?

How to deal with this problem?

The easiest way is to create a second account in Kakaotalk, registered with a foreign number. Using a virtual number will help us with this. Accounts registered with foreign numbers are more trusted by the Kakaotalk administration and are less susceptible to blocking.

If your account has been blocked on Cocoa, then on the site you have the opportunity to buy a virtual number for registration in Kakaotalk for only 28 cents. When buying a number, you have the opportunity to choose a mobile operator from 151 countries around the world. Registering a second account using our virtual numbers completely eliminates further blocking in Kakaotalk.

Купить виртуальный номер и создать второй аккаунт на Kakaotalk

Buy a virtual number and create a second account on Kakaotalk

If your profile has been blocked on Kakaotalk, then with the help of our step-by-step instructions, you will easily create a new account. To do this:

1. Log in to the service and register.

2. Top up your account through a convenient payment system in the “Payment” section.

3. On the main page, choose country that you need and KakakoTalk service.Then click “Click” button.

4. Now open Kakaotalk and click on the “Sign up” button.

5. On the next page, we agree to all the terms and click on the “Agree and Continue” button.

6. Next, you need to check the phone number. We copy our purchased number and paste it into the registration field.

7. A verification message with an activation code will be sent to our phone. To get it, we return to the site Go to the “Profile” section, then “Request history” in the upper corner of the screen and click on the inscription “Get SMS”. Copy the code and paste it into an empty field on Kakaotalk.

We come up with and prescribe a password several times. Enter your nickname, as well as, if desired, gender and date of birth.
That’s it, we managed to make a second account in Cocoa Sense without using a SIM card. To do this, we spent only 28 cents and a few minutes of our time. We can create as many such accounts as we want.

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