How to activate Greendot account without a phone number
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How to activate Greendot account without a phone number

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Today we will look at the service that provides mobile online banking, namely Green Dot. I will also show you the process of registering greendot with virtual phone number.

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GreenDot is an online banking service which is a leading provider of prepaid debit cards. And also offers solutions for Fintech industry, stores and of course for ordinary users (where without them). Among the big users of this service we can mention Uber or Turbotax. In order to use a credit card you have to make a deposit. In the future you will only be able to use the amount of this deposit. But, if you thought it was an ordinary debit card, it is not! Just like for a regular credit card, you have to make monthly payments and also pay for interest.

Greendot phone number with SMS-MAN

Nowadays, when often afraid to create an account in this or that service, for fear of getting into leaked databases. Unscrupulous companies that are negligent about their users’ data occur. This is not a reason to refuse to use such a service. You only need to take care of the safety of your data. The service providing Virtual Numbers for account registration SMS-MAN will help you with this. The platform has proven itself over 3 years of honest work and helping customers meet their needs.

Types of Numbers:

OTP number:

A one-time number that is suitable for simple service registration, without the subsequent binding of two-step authentication. To this number you can get just one sms confirmation, and the period of validity, during which you can get the code, is twenty minutes. This method is the cheapest.

Long term rental:

The number can also be rented for a period of one hour to six months. You can do this on the “Rent” tab. The list of countries is not as long as for disposable numbers.
How to buy a virtual number?
– First of all we need to register on site using e-mail or using ready account on Google or GitHub.
– After we confirmed the account, we go to the top-up tab, and choose a convenient way. Recharging is available by card, cryptocurrency, Advcash, or Payeer.
– On the main page you can get OTP number for registration in any services. You can get one sms confirmation on such number. If you want to receive several sms without additional payment, you can take a number in the long term lease for a period from 1 hour to six months.
– After you bought an OTP number, it appears on the main page at the top. Next to the number will be
Let me walk you through how to create an account with GreenDot step-by-step:
– In order to sign up for GreenDot, go to the home page and look for the sign up button in the top right corner. At first glance, you might think there are two buttons. But if you look closer, you will see that the registration and activation button refers to an existing card, while the second button is for new users
– The service will ask you to enter your first and last name, as well as information about your place of residence.
– Then there will be a confirmation of identity with the ID.
Confirmation with the phone number was removed for reasons of fraud and possible money laundering.

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