Guide to create Payoneer account without a phone number
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Guide to create Payoneer account without a phone number

Guide to create payoneer

With a community of approximately 4 million active in real-time profiles in over 200 countries, Payoneer has grownup significantly since 2005. It supplies a scope of international economic services including currency exchange, personal payment and machine-controlled digital Foreign Inward Remittance Certificate. Payoneer has presented a simpler way to process intercontinental business payments. Dissimilar to otc currency exchange service providers, Payoneer focuses only on business, providing a user-centric experience. And a wish to create payoneer account is becoming more and more desirable.

It is also possible to open a virtual account in an American bank to receive a salary on it as an ordinary employee of a state company. This opportunity will help someone get a profitable remote job and a quick way to get and withdraw money earned there. But it will be a virtual account (in the company’s name, not yours), so you will not officially have a personal account in a foreign bank, and therefore there should be no unnecessary problems with the tax authorities, too.payoneer

At the same time Payoneer is not a payment system in the usual sense, because it has no wallets and some other attributes (there is just an account). But it is the largest company in the world (American) that cooperates with leading platforms (both providing work, e.g. freelance platforms, and trading platforms, e.g. Amazon) offering its services for fast payments.

Why there is a need to create Payoneer account

This system offers different possibilities for different countries. For example, for Germans there is only the possibility to receive money to the local bank account they have specified during registration.

  • To your account at a local bank (you specify it immediately when registering, although it is seriously stressful, because I’ve never filled out so many fields and went through so many steps in the usual registration in the payment system).
  • You can use a prepaid Payoneer card (i.e. not linked to the bank account, which allows you to avoid problems with tax authorities), which you will be able to order and receive in the nearest post office. It can also be used to spend your money in-store or to withdraw it from ATMs.

How to bypass payoneer verification

First of all you need to go to Payoneer website and click  “sign up” button. In the first page you need to fill the tabs which require your personal information, such as: first name, last name, date of birth and etc. After that:

1. Visit the SMS-MAN service, sign up, and refill your balance. Choose the country and service from the according list. We recommend you to use vpn to increase your chance in creating payoneer account from countries in our countries list. Only exception will be USA.

2. Your new purchased temporary payoneer phone number for registration will appear at the top of the page. You need just to copy the number and verify account number payoneer with that number.

3. Now go to the Payoneer web-site and fill the rest empty bars with your personal information. Add your new number and tap “Send Code”.

4. In the SMS-MAN website your code will appear after clicking “GET SMS” button after few seconds under the phone number.

All done. After that action you just need to fill little more information about yourself. This is how you bypass payoneer registration without phone number.

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