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How to get Portugal number for SMS

Portugal virtual number

Hi all, in this article I’m going to talk a little bit about rooms in sunny Portugal and their portugal number for OTP registration.

About Portugal

Portugal is a sunny country on the west coast of Europe, famous for its beaches and the fact that almost anyone can get citizenship here. To do this you will need to choose the way in which you will receive a residence permit. One of the easiest is to invest in the economy of the country (eg buying real estate).

Portugal numbers

You can buy a virtual portugal number to register with the service from SMS MAN. The platform has some of the lowest prices and a wide range of countries and services available. And of course we have Portugal! The list of services is not different from other countries.
Now there is a trend to protect their information and personal data, and in general, anonymity. Therefore, more and more often accounts are registered not on their own, but on a virtual phone number. The advantage of this method is that your name is not attached to the number, as well as other accounts. If one account gets hacked, the others will be safe.
There are several ways to get a number:

A one-time OTP number:

This kind of number is good for just confirming an account. You can get one sms on the number within 20 minutes of purchase. There is no option to receive additional sms at this time. It is recommended to take this type of number for a second account, or if you do a lot of accounts for sale.

Long-Term Rental:

This type is more often taken for basic accounts, as during the rental period, you can receive as many sms as you need. The rental period starts at one hour and can go up to 6 months. At the moment, the function of extending the number, is not implemented.
Let’s sign up for a Telegram account, and let’s break down all the steps that will help you buy a Portuguese number.
In order to buy a disposable Portuguese number:

SMS-Man registration form

  • Create an SMS-MAN account. You will need an email to do this. You can also sign in with an existing Google or GitHub account.Payment methods
  • Then recharge your account using one of the convenient ways for you. At the moment you can recharge with cryptocurrency, bank card or Payeer. The money should arrive within 10-15 minutes. If you have any problems with payment, be sure to contact support on the site or in Telegram.Portugal phone number
  • On the main page, open full list of countries (to do this, click on show all countries, and in the search box, find Portugal.Services on our service
  • Below is a list of services, find Telegram and click on the buy button.
  • The number appears at the very top of the page, near which there are two buttons. The first is “request sms”. When the service asks for a confirmation code, click on this button. If the code did not come after a few clicks for one or two minutes, press the second button, which is responsible for cancelling the number.

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