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Create Outlook accounts without phone number

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Many users wonder what Outlook accounts are and how you can use it. It is a suite of enterprise applications that contains many features: contacts, task scheduler, notebook, calendar and, of course, an e-mail client. Outlook and Outlook Express are two different products. Outlook Express is a free e-mail client which was released between 1998 to 2003 and is a part of the Windows operating system. Already in Windows 7 Outlook Express is not present, instead you can download Windows Live Essentials from the official site. It has a counterpart to its predecessor Windows Mail. What if we say you can use Outlook accounts with your Microsoft account, but what can you do instead?

Why do you need Outlook accounts?

This Outlook programme allows you to work with corporate emails. Create notes, analyze by attributes, adject features to them, save messages and lots more. There are quite a rare analogous services that are likewise more efficacious and popular than this email client. All the favour that Outlook has, the service be indebted to its main development, the Windows operating system, besides as two other titans from Microsoft, MS Word and MS Excel.

The service moreover allows you to accomplish a quantity of all sorts of corporate tasks. With Outlook, you can organize events, create conferences, use other people’s calendars, and create meetings. Contacts can be stored not only as an address bar but also as a business card, you can create and save distribution lists that you use frequently, and you can store your own contacts in a convenient form.

Outlook accounts allows you to connect more than one server to your mailbox.It’s a convenient feature that allows you to assemble each of your emails from each of your existing mailboxes. The feature is not new for a long time, but support for it is available. You can manage your personal time efficiently with the Task Scheduler. You can set up reminders for tasks, as well as the frequency of repetitions.

How to get Outlook multiple accounts?

We can easily sign up in Outlook, let’s check how it possible!

  1. Go
  2. Click “Create a free account”.
  3. Type address you need to take.
  4. Type some difficult password.
  5. And some name.
  6. When was you born?
  7. Pass the Captcha.
  8. Find your account in header and go “My profile”.
  9. Now we will change account details.
  10. Choose “Phone number”.

And it seems we need phone number now. But how can we get it?

Getting SMS for Outlook

  1. Go to the Sign up and go further.
  2. Recharge your account with some money ($1-2 is enough).
  3. Go to the main page. Choose suitable country from list and find Any other in services list. Click “Buy”.
  4. Bought number will be shown in head of page. Copy it and type in field in Outlook. If all is correct, you will see confirmation page.
  5. Go back on SMS-Man. Click “Get sms” right to the number. Your SMS will appear below number.
  6. Take your code and type it in Outlook! Now you have confirmed phone number and all permissions to use Outlook! This is how you create a new outlook email account.  Have a nice day and use SMS-Man!

Why use a VPN when registering?

Using the VPN extension, you can change your IP address and bypass many blockages from sites, as well as greatly speed up the process of getting a verification code. To do this, you need to select the country and IP address that corresponds to the country of the number you register your account with.
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