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Nike phone number: Copping Nike x Travis Scott

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Nike is an internationally known and recognized company producing shoes for men and women with absolutely different foot sizes and preferences. Nike is trying to stay in the trend, so it makes collaborations with popular artists and produces with them a limited collection of sneakers. On the account of the corporation there are a huge number of hits. The company sponsors not just matches, and the whole tournament and championships. in half of Europe national teams play in Nike uniforms. every year Nike signs multimillion-dollar contracts with the best athletes, and not only. Travis Scott was also awarded this honor. So in this article I will tell you about nike phone number.

How to improve your chances: create nike accounts

Travis Scott’s collaboration with Nike began back in 2017. The first pair of sneakers was never launched, but since Scott was a fan of Nike since childhood he knew what was worth doing. So the first sneakers released became very popular. After the launch, about 20 more different kinds of pairs were made, with the last one being released on May 27, 2022. The most expensive pair now is the nike air Jordan 4 retro, which in turn were not available to customers. At the moment their price on the secondary market ranges from $ 45.000. I think that it is no secret that the sneakers produced with the rap star are limited edition, and buy up just a couple of minutes. But you can improve your chances of creating a huge number of nike accounts. Next we will talk about nike registration without phone number using sms-man.

nike snkrs


Making Nike SNKRS account

Nike SNKRS – website from Nike which sells clothing and sneakers worldwide. Sometimes only here you can buy a pair you need. I will tell you how to make account here.

  2. Click button “Join / Log in” in header of opened page. Then click “Join us”.nike accounts
  3. Type information on the form and click “Join us”.nike registration
  4. Now you successfully signed in, but we should add phone number. Find account in header and click “Settings”. nike profile
  5. Let’s add phone registration
  6. Now let’s find phone verification

Getting UK phone number for Nike

To get nike verification code, I suggest you go to our service sms-man. our numbers, which you acquire did not belong to anyone before. support works round the clock. our specialists at any time of the day and night are ready to help you and correct errors. as well, you are available a huge number of payment methods. as well, our site has 3 language versions. so the site is suitable for users from all over the world.

  1. Go to the SMS MAN website to purchase a mobile number for registration. Log in to your personal account or register a personal account.

sms-man sign up   2.  Select the payment method you wish to top up your account.


payment method sms-man

3. Select the country whose number you want to purchase. Choose an application or service

service selection

4.Go to the nike website, and in your account settings, indicate the number you see on our website. Connect to a            VPN. You need it to be able to receive sms from the country whose number you bought.

fake nike phone number

Enter the SMS activation code. This is sent to the SMS MAN website. From there you can copy it and enter it in the app.
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