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Top ways to bypass OTP verification on Android


Every user of Android sometimes need to bypass OTP verification. In this article you will read how to do that easily.

What is OTP?

OTP — one-time password. Outstanding technology used by lots of websites and applications. Every time you need to sign up any account — you will have to confirm that you are human with OTP. Usually OTP is sent by SMS, but sometimes via e-mail.

In case of e-mail OTP you may have to use SMS too, like in Discord. That’s why SMS-Man made OTP bypass website for everybody in the world.

Why SMS-Man?

Here you can easily sign up, top up your balance and buy phone number from 150+ countries for more than 2000 apps.

SMS-Man updates daily, so you won’t face with long waiting till service will update for you. Also, if we don’t have needed SMS, you can use “Any other” number or ask support to add your service in list.

How to use SMS-Man to bypass OTP verification?

The easiest part of using virtual phone numbers — sign up on our service. Look how you do that:

  1. Open SMS-Man.comphoto1
  2. Click “Sign up” buttonphoto
  3. Enter your credentials or use Google, Twitter, Telegram or GitHubphoto
  4. After login, click your 0$ balance or button “Payment” in menuphoto
  5. Choose suitable payment method. We offer you to pay with Crypto, Bank Card, Stripe, WeChat/AliPay and other payment methodsphoto
  6. After receiving money go to the main page of our website and choose your number!photo

How to bypass OTP verification on Android?

After activation and recharge of your account, you are ready to bypass OTP verification anywhere. I will show you 2 ways to use SMS-Man on Android, look below:


Every Android device have browser, so you should open there, go through signup/login procedure and reach main

Choose suitable country and service, than click “Buy”. Bought number will be shown in header of main page.

Copy that number and use in chosen application. I took TikTok for example.photophotophoto

When TikTok will send you OTP SMS, return to and click “Get SMS”. SMS will be received within 5 minutes as

After receiving SMS you will be able to see it below bought number. Click code to copy it and return in

Paste your code and use TikTok freely! That’s all!

Telegram bot

SMS-Man made special Telegram bot to make using of SMS-Man easier for mobile users.

To use SMS-Man bot you need to complete following steps:

  1. Enter the bot by
  2. Enter your API-key after /start (API-key can be founded in account on website)
  3. Click “Buy number”photo
  4. Choose country you need. You can start typing country name and bot will suggest needed country.
  5. Choose your service. The same procedure as the country
  6. Bot will send you your number. Copy it by simple tap and go to application you have to sign
  7. Paste your number and make app to send you
  8. Return to the bot and click “Get SMS”. In common SMS can be received within 5 minutes since
  9. After you got SMS, copy your code and return to app.
  10. Paste your code, finish sign up procedure and use your account freely!photophoto

That’s all I could tell you about bypass OTP verification on Android. Stay tuned for new useful guides from SMS-Man.

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