How to make a Periscope account without Twitter and phone number?
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How to make a Periscope account without Twitter and phone number?


Perhaps not everyone knows what Periscope is and what can Periscope account offer on the Internet. Or it is possible that some are already thinking about how to start their own broadcasts on it. One way or another, this service deserves all the attention of users of all interests and ages: here everyone can find just for themselves a lot of interesting things. In this article we will try to explain to you, how to make Periscope sign up.


What is Periscope on the Internet

To explain in simple terms, Periscope is a service that allows every user to broadcast live what is happening to them right now, at the moment. Many of you may have daydreamed of becoming skillful reporters – well, this is a great opportunity!

You can broadcast anything you want: report the events, just chat in real time with your subscribers, play games, sing songs, share problems… Many world stars already have their channels on Periscope.

There are two options how to sign up in Periscope.

The first way to register ─ via Twitter.

The second way of registering ─ via a SIM card phone number.

The second option, according to many participants in the system, is more convenient because you do not have to enter a code every time you log in. It is allowed to have several accounts in Periscope in order to attract an audience for different purposes.


How do I create Periscope account through my phone?

  1. Select “Sign up via the phone number” in the periscope application.
  2. After you have entered your own number, send a request for a confirmation code to be sent.
  3. After a while you’ll get an SMS notification with the code you need to enter and press account creation button. In some cases SMS might not arrive, in which case you will need to go back to previous step by sending again your request.
  4. Registering in Periscope is the next step ─ this is selecting a name or nickname. This step is very responsible because the service can be used not only for communication but also for business development. In this case the names on Twitter and Periscope do not necessarily have to be the same. To this end many Periscopers choose new names. If you use capital letters for spelling, it will be easier for other members of the service to find you.
  5. You can also upload a photo to be easily recognisable in the app.

The Periscope service allows you to freely choose names for your users. It is possible to have several accounts. The number of Periscope members is constantly increasing. It is easy enough to go through all the steps in order to register on a unique platform. The user-friendly interface, which anyone can handle, makes it possible to experience all the functions of the program.

How to get virtual phone number for Periscope account?

1. Create an account at

SMS-Man register

2. Topup  your balance with one of a payment methods that are shown on the according tab. Choose which one you prefer and fully trust

SMS-Man recharge

3. On the main page of the platform choose the country of the virtual number depending on your goals and financial capabilities.


4. Find a section with apps and select the Periscope.


5. Click the purchase button to receive a virtual phone number.


7. Once you get the number, copy it and click the “GET SMS” button when you will need to get the verification code.

This is how to make a periscope account. With this feature, you can create accounts on Periscope and other apps like: Instagram, Uber, Tinder in unlimited amounts.
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