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How do I sign up for Uber eats without phone

Order delivery from your favorite cafe or restaurant in just a few minutes by Uber eats sign up. By the way, you can do it without using your mobile number!

What is Uber Eats

Uber Eats is an online food delivery service created by Uber.

Uber includes not only a cab service to transport passengers from point A to point B. Today the company is also engaged in the delivery of parcels, as well as meals from cafes and restaurants.

In the app, everyone can see lists of cafes and restaurants, read customer and guest reviews, and see a menu map and descriptions of each dish.

All you need to test the service is to register using your cell phone.

Uber eats sign up without a cell phone is real

We suggest you use a virtual phone number.

It is very easy to use, you only need Internet access and 2-3 minutes of free time. Trust us, it’s a lot less than you would need to register yourself without using our article and the SMS MAN.

A virtual phone number is a number without the SIM card. And that means you don’t have to go to a cell phone operator’s store to get one.

Benefits of a virtual number for Uber Eats sign up

  1. No work with paper documents
    You only need free Internet access to buy a number. Buying a number does not involve the use of paper documentation and coming to the Network Operator’s mobile number store.
  2. The purchase procedure takes a few minutes or even seconds
    If you already have an account on the site selling virtual numbers, the purchase procedure will take a few seconds.If you don’t have a registered account at the virtual number store, the purchase will be made after registration. In this case, the purchase of the phone will take 2-3 minutes, taking into account the registration.
  3. Your data stays safe
    SMS MAN guarantees the safety and confidentiality of all your personal details. Unfortunately, not every company works with due diligence and really does keep customer data safe.

    Not only are your username and password kept secret, but your virtual number, sms-code, and the service you register with are kept secret.
  4. You have the opportunity to register in the same service, platform several times⠀
    Thanks to virtual numbers you can register in one platform as many times as you want. You won’t have to waste time registering different email accounts and you won’t have to waste your time. Plus, buying lots of different numbers on physical SIM cards is much more expensive than buying virtual numbers.⠀

    For example, to register in Uber Eats requires a virtual number of Russia, which in SMS MAN costs only 0.12 dollars

    Register multiple accounts in the same Uber Eats, using one number will not work. The platform simply will not allow you to register multiple accounts with one number. Sometimes the services even block users who want to bypass the system by trying to create multiple accounts with the same number. Be careful – use several different virtual numbers.

  5. With a virtual number you can forget about sms-spam
    You won’t get spam messages from different services you’ve ever registered on your virtual number. Forget about spam calls from robots. Remember how painful it is sometimes to listen to pre-recorded voice calls from robots advertising services or subscriptions.
    With a virtual phone number from SMS MAN you bypass this problem.

Uber eats sign up with SMS MAN

  1. Go to the SMS MAN website
    Uber eats sign up
  2. Choose the country whose phone number you will use to register. We will use the Russian number
    Uber eats sign up
  3. Choose an Uber eats service to register
    Uber eats sign up
  4. Buy a dedicated number
    Uber eats sign up
  5. Login to the Uber eats mobile app and use the purchased virtual phone number when registering
    Uber eats sign up
    Uber eats sign up
  6. Request an activation code via sms

  7. Use the SMS received on the SMS MAN website

  8. Use the new account you registered with your virtual number!
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