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How to get 2 phone numbers on one phone

how to get 2 phone numbers using sms man?

Today you do not have to run to the store to buy groceries, you do not even have to go to restaurants. The same is with the banking system – it has all moved online. But it also gives new opportunities for hackers. Every year the Internet is not getting safer and not safer. Sometimes you think, why take such a risk? In many accounts, you enter personal data and this poses a threat to you. But in addition, you link your phone number to your account. What if I told you that today you can have 2 phone numbers on one phone? It sounds unrealistic, but our service sms man can prove that this is true.

get 2 phone numbers

what you might need 2 phone numbers


  1. Fake account. For example, you need to send a newsletter to subscribers or find new ones, but you don’t want to do it from your own account so as not to get your personal account banned. Then you can buy a number from any possible country on our website and choose the platform you want.
  2. Linking to a new platform. You found a new service that is very convenient for you, but you do not know all its features, you probably do not want to link your real number immediately. You will need to learn the service, and without registration, as a rule, many features are not available. Then, you can create an account, but link a fake virtual phone number. All because you have 2 phone numbers, especially for such situations.
  3. Trial periods of use. It also happens that you don’t want to pay for the service, for you it is disposable. But you still need to create an account, and most importantly link the number. You can do the same trick and get a trial period of use

How can i have 2 phone numbers on one phone


To have a second number, you will need to use a VPN. More specifically, when you receive an SMS on the second phone. The thing is, if you are in a different country than the one you bought the number for, the service can see this and just not send you the code. Or it just will not come to you. So please check if you have a working VPN before you buy a second number. Preferably, you should activate VPN for the country whose number you bought. If this country is absent in your program with VPN, you can use the closest country, but we can’t promise that the code will reach you then successfully. So check everything beforehand.

how to create a sms-man account

Everything is very easy to do. Just follow a simple algorithm:

  • At the sms-man site, you will see at the top of the button for registration. You can click there and then a simple registration form will come up to you.
  • Now specify the required data. They need a little so here in cope in a couple of minutes.
  • Here you have to choose a way to fill up your balance. Choose a convenient way for you and specify the amount to be recharged. You can also choose your preferred currency. Just below, you can see the exchange rate of the service.

how to get multiple phone numbers

Now you need to go to the main page of our site there is a list of countries and services. Choose the desired country, then the service and click on buy. The only thing left is to get the code and enter it into your service.

Congratulations, you now have multiple phone numbers thanks to the sms-man service!

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