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How to get Poland phone number for SMS

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How to get Chinese, American or Poland phone number for sms? How to get a number of any country to receive sms? How do I sign up for an account on a platform that requires phone number verification?  In this article we will tell you how to register on any site using our sms service.

Sms receiving services (virtual number services)

Virtual number services allow you to receive SMS messages to your numbers, which is very useful in cases where:

  • you don’t want your phone number to be public.
  • There is a promotion that requires a phone number, and you want to use the promotion more than once.
  • for registering accounts that use your phone number again.
  • etc., there are many options, but the essence is the same – the need to use a new phone number.

How to use virtual numbers

First, you still have to get a virtual number. The difference between a regular phone number and a virtual number is that in the first case, the messages come to your phone, while in the second, you will see the SMS in the web interface of the particular service you use.

In fact, if it is a free service, there will simply be a list of numbers, choose any number you like and copy it. Insert it in the site where it is required. However, these phone numbers can be used by anyone, including for receiving sms from the same service where you have already registered. In this case, you risk losing your account at any time.

If the service is paid, then you still need to choose a category for which the number will be used, so that you are picked up unique, not used before. In this case, the number you rent will no longer be available for your service. For example, you have requested the Poland number for Telegram registration. After successful registration, the number will no longer be available to receive sms from Telegram, but will also be usable for other services. And you don’t risk losing your account.

How to get Poland phone number for SMS on

  1. Go to
  2. Create account
  3. Confirm email (go to link in email from for confirm)
  4. Log In in your account (Log In button in top menu)
  5. Top up balance via Payment tab
  6. Select country (For example Poland)
  7. Select service you need (For example Telegram)

If you don’t see needable country/service press button Show all countries or Show all services


how to get phone number for sms

You will get number for registration, use it for get sms-verification

Then you will get sms-code, copy it to your service for complete verification

get number for sms

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