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Taobao Yoybuy – shopping features, tricks, tips

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Taobao, Yoybuy – all these words are familiar to avid shoppers. Buying clothes, household items and simply various pretty little things has long been a favourite pastime for hundreds of thousands of shopaholics. The article discusses how to place an order, what you need to know about Chinese software, and why you need a forwarder.

Таобао Yoybuy сайт

Ali Wang Wang for Taobao – subtleties of use

Ali Wang Wang для Taobao — тонкости использования

When planning to place orders on Taobao via a computer, download Ali Wang Wang for convenience. Those placing orders through a smartphone or tablet will need the Taobao app. It is important to know that the above services are built using rootkit technology. What does it mean? Even after complete removal, the apps will still function in working mode on an autorun system. Antiviruses do not distinguish them and it is almost impossible to eliminate them completely from the database. The android app is capable of bypassing the notification lock. On MIUI-based phones, Ali Wang Wang for Taobao can bypass the silent mode to make the owner happy with texting at any time of the day.

How do you ensure your peace of mind? You install Bluestacks, an android emulator, on your Android. To work with Chinese software, you need to install a virtual machine and work there. When you create an account, we recommend using a virtual phone number – it will keep you safe from potential scammers, convenient and profitable.

Yoybuy intermediary, communication and other nuances of shopping on Taobao

Planning to place an order on Taobao? In addition to setting up Ali Wang Wang, there are other subtleties to be aware of:

  • Almost all sellers only speak Chinese. Use an online translator and other communication channels to communicate with them.
  • Messaging and notification of orders is not done via email, but via messenger Ali Wang Wang. It exists in the web version, but works fully via IE 9.0:D.
  • Unless you are a Chinese buyer, prepare to be cheated in your favour by even a small amount. Unfortunately, the platform has such features and recalculating the price in favour of the seller will go legit. Use a minimum of phrases and try not to engage in complicated dialogue.
  • Regardless of whether you have Ali Wang Wang installed or not, Taobao is known for its so-called “welcome value.” The first sample of a product you like sells for $1, the second for $1.50, the third for $1.8 and so on. If you find an item cheaper than other sellers, there is no guarantee that it will be as affordable when you buy it in bulk.
  • Many functions are only displayed in the Taobao mobile app; unlike the website, it works properly and does not freeze.

Ali Wang Wang is the first thing you should install before working with the Chinese platform. For translation, it is better to use bing translator, it will translate the meaning more accurately than google translate.

Yoybuy delivery, or Why do you need a forwarder?

Chinese shops 98% of the time operate with delivery within China, and few think about shipping outside the country. Individual sellers willing to send products abroad do not find support on the service. In this situation, it is hard to do without a forwarder. For the Russian consumer, Yoybuy shipping, which has direct logistics to Russia, would be optimal. It is not uncommon to order specific goods through Yoybuy which other companies refuse to carry.

Yoybuy доставка, или Зачем вам форвардер

Yoybuy delivery in English: nuances of cooperation, deadlines, prices

There are undoubtedly a number of advantages with the above-mentioned logistics company:

  • The online calculator on the website will help you calculate the cost of the goods together with delivery to your region.
  • High-quality and reliable packaging for any item, you can be sure that even fragile items of complex design will arrive in one piece.
  • Yoybuy shipping specialists take responsibility for the packaging and safekeeping of the product.
  • Large parcels can be stored for up to 3 months free of charge.
  • We offer a wide range of payment systems: WebMoney, QIWI or PayPal, as well as bank cards.
  • Minimal fee: 10% of the order value.
  • The ability to deliver goods with the help of logistics company “Cargo”.
  • There is a website Yoybuy in Russian, customer support is also speaking in Russian.
  • New users are offered coupons for the first order worth 10 dollars.

Detailed instructions on how to register on TaoBao with a SIM card from any country

If you want to register on Taobao with a Chinese SIM card, you can easily do so with the SMS-MAN virtual number service. Here you can find detailed instructions on how to register on Taobao without a mobile phone. And here you can get a registration number for free

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