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How to buy on Taobao: detailed instructions



The Chinese online auction site Taobao can easily compete with the titan of e-retail, eBay. Hundreds of thousands of major manufacturers and sellers of goods are gathered here on one trading platform, and the number of buyers has long since passed the 100 million mark. How to buy on Taobao? And can it be done from any country without intermediaries? We give detailed instructions for first-time buyers.

taobao registration

How to create an account on Taobao?

The process itself takes no more than five minutes, so before you buy on Taobao, prepare everything you need – your email address and telephone number. If you don’t want to register on your SIM card, you can do it with a virtual number, and with any operator – even from the U.S. or Japan (we’ll tell you about it below).

During registration, you need:

  • Enter a cell phone number (real or virtual) where the activation code will come. It must be entered in a special field.
  • Write a username and come up with the original password – everything is standard here.
  • An important point – the delivery address. Do you want to know how to do Taobao registration while located in any country? It is very easy – specify your city, address, name. For one account you can have a maximum of 20 addresses.

Now you are registered, and it remains to learn how to buy on Taobao without intermediaries.

taobao registration

What can can anyone buy on Taobao?

There are three ways to search for the goods you need from China:

  • By category – they are listed on the left side of the home page.
  • Through the search line, you need the name of the product, you can do it in English, but it’s better to do it in Chinese.
  • By photo – a more complicated method, so it is rarely used.

To reduce the number of search results, use filters – brand, material, desired color, price (specify minimum and maximum).

Also, those who want to know how to buy on Taobao by themselves for Russians should remember about shipping and immediately select the filter Overseas Goods – shipping outside of China.

When the product is selected, go to the page with its description. There will be all the details – from the amount in stock to the number of sales over the last 30 days. Before you buy an item on Taobao, be sure to read the reviews about it – they are on every product card.

taobao registration

How to buy goods on Taobao after registration?

Once you have made your choice, click on the “Buy” button. The system will redirect you to the cart, where you need to check the price, quantity, possible discounts.

Next, you need to choose the method of payment. This can be:

  • Visa or MasterCard;
  • Digital Money;
  • Alipay card.

When the payment goes through, there will be a notification that the order has been placed and you just have to wait for the delivery.

How to buy things on Taobao without phone number?

To register an account on the site and place an order from China to any country, you have to enter a code that comes to the mobile number indicated in the registration form. But not everyone always wants to do it with their SIM card.

  • First, you don’t want to make your personal number public.register grab
  • Second, sometimes there is a need to create multiple accounts.register grab
  • Thirdly, your profile can be blocked.register grab

Optimal solution – buy a virtual number for registration in the Chinese Taobao online store and make purchases without restrictions. The price at is only 18 rubles, and at the same time, you have the opportunity to buy a mobile number from the USA, Ukraine, China, Japan, and other countries.

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