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SMS activation service: how to use in 2022

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Hello all, in this article let’s understand sms activation as a phenomenon in general. We will thoroughly analyze the site of purchase of virtual numbers for registration in services. And also summarize, is it worth buying virtual numbers, or it’s easier to use your own.

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To begin with, let’s look at why you should buy virtual numbers.

One of the main reasons is the anonymity and security of all personal data, because in case an intruder gets access to the e-mail, he will not get the weighty and very important data, due to the fact that we do not confirm the mail with the personal data. In the case of a phone number, in most countries it can only be obtained by providing passport data to the service provider. Such data can already reveal your location, gender and just your identity. With this data in hand, you can blackmail a person or even cheat them out of money. This type of deception is called “Social Engineering”.
Another reason you might want to buy virtual numbers is if you are registering a large number of accounts to sell them later.

Why should you choose SMS-MAN?

Even if you agree with everything written above, a reasonable question may arise. Why should you choose SMS Man and not any other?
One of the main reasons is the wide list of countries which is constantly updated. Also, you can find any service you may need. In addition, the prices will pleasantly surprise you, and for regular customers we have a good discount. To get a discount, just contact support on the site, in a Telegram channel or on our Discord server.

why businesses should use virtual phone numbers

How can I buy virtual numbers  and use sms activation?

There are several ways to buy numbers and after sms activation, which vary in price and purpose. First, you need to register on the site, all you need is an email. Next, you need to fund your profile. There are several ways (bank card, cryptocurrency, Payeer, Advcash, WeChat), choose the one that suits you.

Maybe OTP numbers?

The main way of buying virtual numbers, which is also the easiest and cheapest. Buying a disposable number. With it you can register an account without too much trouble. You enter the number you get on the website confirmation code and your account is ready. Of the disadvantages, you can highlight the impossibility of re-purchasing a number or buy a second confirmation code. Such numbers can be used as for usual registration of the personal account or for multiple registration for sale of accounts.
To buy this type of number go to the main site, select a country (do not forget to use VPN), below there is a list of available services, choose the one in which we are going to register and click on “buy”.

Or rent on long term?

Long-term rent is a good alternative to single rooms. These numbers are more expensive than disposable numbers, but have more functionality. Single numbers can be registered only for a particular service. Leased numbers can be sign up to any service for the duration of the lease. The main disadvantage at the moment is the impossibility to renew the number. Such numbers are taken in order to be able to use the account as the main, because with such a number you can even put double authentication.
To. To rent a number for a long time go to the tab “lease”, select a country and period for which you want to take number.

What is API?

API method can be classified as automation of OTP numbers. Rooms can be purchase either through our app, which you can buy on our homepage. Or through queries in your app.

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