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How to use WhatsApp on iPhone without mobile number

use WhatsApp without number

WhatsApp is a well-known free service for calling or texting friends and relatives over the internet. From its launch to today it has attracted more than two billion people coming from almost every country in the world. However, even though this app is simple and convenient, some people face various issues when trying to use it. In this article, we will tell in explain in detail about solving one of them. Read below to understan how to use WhatsApp without number on iPhone.

Benefits of using WhatsApp on iPhone

To become popular and gather a large base of users each service must have at least a few significant features. Obviously, in the case of WhatsApp on iPhone these are more than enough. Usually, people use this app because it allows them to:

  • Chat for free. Sending messages to friends and relatives this way is much better than via SMS. Just because it does not cost a single penny.
  • Create and take part in groups. Themed groups are very popular on WhatsApp. You can join any of those that are public or create your own if there is no suitable one.
  • Record voice messages. Sometimes we don’t have enough time to write long messages. WhatsApp on iPhone gives the opportunity to tell stories with voice recordings just in one click.
  • Show live location. It is a useful feature for telling someone about your location when needed for some reason. Users can share it with their contacts as well as members of the group they are in.
  • Share various documents. There is no more need to use email services or special platforms in order to send files. You can do it with documents of all types via WhatsApp.

These are just the most significant features of the application. Even though there are more, these are definitely enough to call using WhatsApp a great solution. But the most important question is how to use WhatsApp on iPhone without mobile number? Is there even a possibility to do this? Find the answer below.

use WhatsApp without number

Is there any way to use WhatsApp without number?

It is not a secret that WhatsApp belongs to applications for instant messaging like Telegram, Viber, Signal, and others. These days none of them allows users to sign up for a profile without going through the mobile verification process. This measure is necessary to maintain the safety of these sites. So there is no technical option to use WhatsApp without number.

However, at the same time, there is still a solution if it is all about unwillingness or inability to use a personal phone number for this purpose. You can simply benefit from virtual telephony tools to deal with this task. Virtual numbers have long been used to register with various online services. They are also suitable for those who want to know how to use WhatsApp without phone number. Moreover, it is easy enough. See for yourself.

use WhatsApp without number

How to use WhatsApp on iPhone without phone number by VoIP?

This question torments millions of people. Fortunately, the answer is very simple. In the instructions below we will describe the process of getting a virtual number and explain how to use WhatsApp without phone number with it:

1. First of all, proceed to the website and register there a profile.

SMS-Man register

2. Complete account verification, sign in, and move on to the payment page to top up the balance.

SMS-Man account recharge

3. Once done with the previous step, open the homepage of SMS-Man and set up specifications for your virtual cell number.

Netherlands virtual number for WhatsApp

4. Make a purchase by hitting the buy button.

buy Netherlands virtual number for WhatsApp

5. Copy received virtual number and use it for profile registration page in WhatsApp on iPhone.

receive WhatsApp OTP

6. Find the “Get SMS” button on the SMS-Man platform and click it.

receive OTP from WhatsApp

7. Use the revealed verification code to access your new account.

register in WhatsApp with virtual number

It is as easy as it looks. Just do not forget to use VPN or proxy when trying to receive OTP with a virtual number. WhatsApp compares the country of phone number with the IP address of the person using it. If it does not match, then for security reasons SMS may not be sent. Now you completely understand how to use WhatsApp without number on iPhone by virtual telephony tools. So it should not be a problem for you anymore.

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