Create a Second Yahoo Mail Account without a Phone Number
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Register a Second Yahoo Email Account without a Phone Number

Create a Second Yahoo Mail Account

Let’s imagine you eagerly need to create a Yahoo email address, but here is the issue. During registration, the platform asks you to enter a phone number and your current phone number is already in use. Well, let’s consider what you can do. Probably, the most obvious is to purchase a second SIM card. But it is not so convenient because it takes time. Furthermore, if buying it in an official store, it requires providing your passport number and some other credentials.

What if this option does not fit you? Are there more comfortable ways to bypass Yahoo Mail registration without disclosing your personal info? Happily, there seem to be. Today’s digital world has found the solution where all you need is the Internet connection (and even that is not always needed, but will get back to that later). What could be even more convenient, right? We are talking about temporary virtual phone numbers. This solution was created specifically to help with bypassing registration and verification procedures, including when making a Yahoo account.

Register a Second Yahoo Email Account without a Phone Number

Using our website, you can purchase a disposable phone number from $0.05 or rent it for private use for up to 90 days.

Virtual phones for bypassing registration in popular messengers, social networks, and other online services is not only the least labor-intensive method. But it also worth thinking over if you care about your personal sensitive data not been exposed. Sure, if you find a trustworthy service that issues numbers. And here, of course, we offer you to use our services — the site Further in the article, you will get all the info on how to create a new Yahoo Mail account using a virtual number from SMS-man. And now let’s take a closer look at the capabilities of this email client.

Main Features and Opportunities to Consider when Making a Yahoo Mail account

Yahoo Mail is one of the services of the Yahoo Directory unified portal and one of the oldest email clients as well. If not the most ancient in the web. Since Yahoo! is an American corporation, Yahoo Mail is most popular in the USA and its close neighbor Canada. Besides, it is also in high demand in other countries.

Yahoo Mail is available both as a web-service and a mobile application for iOS and Android. It used to have a desktop version as well, but the company does not support it for a while.

This email client allows creating free accounts with 1 TB of online storage, which seems to be the best regarding all the features. However, to support these free accounts, the service gets revenue from ads, so there is a lot of advertising.

Main Features and Opportunities to Consider when Making a Yahoo Mail account

The good news is that when making a Yahoo account, you can choose from three versions of this email client. They are:

  • Classic Yahoo Mail with a complete range of features.
  • Browser version Yahoo Mail Basic. It suits best when you do not want to use the full-featured experience. Thanks to reduced functionality, it works a bit faster. Design and interface are also simplified there.
  • And paid Yahoo Mail Pro without ads. There are two types of account in the Pro subscription. The cheaper one eliminates ads in the mobile version only and the universal subscription blocks it within the entire service. The annual subscription of the latter one costs $34.99. There is a 2-week trial suggested. This version is the most preferred for business purposes.

Features to keep in mind if you create a Yahoo email address

The functionality of the classic Yahoo Mail is mostly similar to other email clients, such as Gmail, including:

  • Organizing messages with custom folders.
  • Using really convenient keyboard shortcuts to view and compose messages.
  • Creating up to 200 filters that allow you to automatically submit incoming mails and block email addresses.

The next feature seems to be both most convenient and riskiest at the same time. When you create a Yahoo Mail account, you can get access to it via Gmail, Outlook, and Mozilla Thunderbird since it supports IMAP. Or, thanks to POP, you can check external email clients’ accounts without logging out of your Yahoo Mail account.

How to Bypass Registration and Verification in Yahoo Mail without a Phone Number?

As mentioned above, you can log in to your Yahoo Mail account via external email providers. So, providing a phone number for Yahoo registration is not a must. However, if you are concerned about confidentiality of your data, and you realize that tying two accounts together may have consequences in today’s world of data breaches, thefts, and spam advertising, you may consider using a cloud temporary phone number for this purpose. We recommend the second option not only as a provider of virtual phone texting numbers, but because it is really convenient. And here is why.

SMS man service

Reasons for using a virtual phone number for Yahoo Mail registration

  • If you doubt whether it is worth it, you can first make sure that virtual numbers are a good option by trying out our free phone numbers. They are available in the Telegram bot or on this exact page. But take into account that all toll-free numbers are public. It is not that secure when making a Yahoo account or registering in any other service, but still possible to use.
  • Paid virtual phone number is yours only. If you prefer renting a virtual phone number for multiple registrations, it will be yours till the end of the paid period. It lasts up to 3 months. After that, we guarantee that it will not be given into someone else’s hands. We issue a unique virtual phone for each user.
  • Moverover, you do not need an additional SIM card — it is a separate solution available with the measures of the Internet.
  • Since we sell virtual numbers from more than 30 countries around the globe, using them, you can be able to authorize in services prohibited in your country. Or, if needed, you can register as an American, British, Canadian or anyone else. For example, to get the bonuses from some platforms.
  • Furthermore, if you prefer using PC versions of any software, you can also try out the SMS-man desktop client.

If you are ready to get a virtual phone number right now, here is a guide of a few simple steps to make it and create a Yahoo account without phone number.

Instructions on How to Register a Yahoo Mail Account with a Virtual Phone Number

  1. When signing up for SMS-man, enter your email address or use your social media account for a quick start.
  2. On the homepage of your profile, you will see the side menu on the left and your account balance on the top right.
  3. Choose the ‘Rent’ or ‘Receive SMS’ tab depending on your needs. Entering the ‘Receive SMS’ section, you will see the cost of every number depending on the country of a mobile operator you choose and the service. For instance, the virtual phone number for Yahoo registration costs $0.16. At the time of writing, there are 113 unique phone numbers available.
  4. Next, click the ‘Buy SMS’ button on the left to the price and check the ‘History section’ by scrolling the homepage down a little bit. Here you will see the virtual phone issued for you specifically. The ‘Get SMS’ near the number will help you generate the verification code but first use the virtual phone when registering a new Yahoo Mail account.
  5. Now get back to your SMS-man profile and generate the code.
  6. Apply it to complete your Yahoo Mail registration. If you are interested in multiple registrations, you can consider renting a virtual phone for a certain period of time. It is the most suitable option for bypassing registration in many online services including marketplaces, dating websites, applications, and many more.

Here is how you can register a Yahoo account without phone number. Hope, this guide will help you feel more comfortable using our website and get virtual phones with ease and joy. 🙂

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