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Can I create a Hily Account without a Phone Number?

Can I create a Hily Account without a Phone Number?

Perhaps, you are aware that SMS verification was initially developed for a good purpose. Among other things, the primary goal was to protect user profiles from web intruders. Nevertheless, today it can cause some issues since providing a personal phone number for registration is not that secure anymore. Or, at least, it doesn’t give you a chance to stay fully anonymous on the web.

In this article, we will show you a way to sign up for Hily without sharing your phone number. Additionally, we will delve into the app’s main features, benefits, data protection, and privacy options. Let’s get started with a quick app review.

Hily — Review & Comparison

What is Hily? It’s a dating application that employs machine learning algorithms to find potential partners around the globe and bring them together. The name of the app appeared as the acronym of the phrase “Hey, I Like You”.

Moreover, the service is tolerant to LGBT+ community. Thus, when registering the app, you will see three gender options: male, female, and non-binary. But there are possible disadvantages, the service does not have a browser version, only a mobile application.

In August 2017, the Hily dating app was launched in the USA. After the beta stage, it had approximately 35,000 registered users. And by 2019, when Hily joined Snapchat’s global network of partners, the app’s audience has bounced to 5 million people. In March, the company also released it in the UK, Ireland, and France in March.

hily app

How the Hily App Works

While most dating services match people based on their physical parameters, common hobbies, and geographical locations, the Hily dating app operates differently. The leading principle of how it works refers to the specialization of one of its co-founders: analysis and statistical modeling. The app’s neural network analyzes such data as dialogue depth, word choice, and mutual tastes. This kind of information allows it to discover profiles with a high chance of true matching.

To ensure that only genuine users sign up, the app mandates an account verification process. You can complete verification through either a live video recording, uploading a photo with valid ID, or linking to a verified social media account.

Hily’s Main Features and Opportunities

As with other similar services, after creating a Hily account, you will get access to the basic functionality which is available for free. But it also offers a premium subscription with access to advanced features.

Hily — Review & Comparison

With Holy Premium you will be able, but not limited to:

  1. Use the benefits of the incognito mode to safeguard anonymity in the app.
  2. Utilize extended filters to search for really like-minded people.
  3. Make all your incoming likes visible.
  4. See recommended profiles found by the app’s algorithms.
  5. Get access to the app’s unlimited rollbacks. It implies that if you mistakengly swiped someone you like left, you can easily undo this mistake.

Now, when we know how the Hily dating app is different from other dating services, let’s find out how confidential user data is within the system.

Anonymity and Privacy on Hily

Regarding the matter of the user data privacy, according to the Hily website, the application doesn’t make money on selling personal information. Even so, it says that the app is authorized to transfer user data to third parties under CPRA which is the California Privacy Rights Act. It means that if you are a California resident, you may request to exclude your data from the database for sharing. There are two options, if you want to know what information the app has on you after you once bypassed Hily registration. You can fill the form on the Support page or send an email to

You can also request the service to correct your sensitive personal data or delete your account if needed. Or you can act differently from the very beginning.

As mentioned earlier in the article, to sign up for Hily and verify the account, you will have to disclose your personal phone number. Nevertheless, you can avoid providing your real phone to the service by using a virtual phone alternative instead.

How Can I Create Hily Account without a Phone Number?

With the SMS-man platform, you can easily get a temporary virtual number that you can use to register your Hily account. The wide range of different countries on SMS-man allows you to get a phone number and more than 150 different countries. This way you can keep your personal data private when you sign up and remain anonymous online.

virtual phone number for hily

Here’s what you need to do to get a virtual phone number from SMS-man:

  1. Register at with your email or log in through your social media account.
  2. Go to the top-up page from the menu on the left and make a deposit through one of the available payment systems.
  3. Go back to the main page to choose the country of your phone number and “Hily” service for registration.
  4. Then click “Buy” opposite to the selected application and wait while the system adds virtual number to the section “History”.
  5. Copy it and use it to register in Hily, then wait for SMS with confirmation code.
  6. Now go back to SMS-man and click ” Receive SMS” next to the phone number.
  7. Use the digital code you receive to complete your verification in the Hily app.


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