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Can I Create an Anonymous Signal Account?

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Signal is software for sharing instant messages: texts, images, voice notes, files. Users can make voice/video calls. A reason to register Signal profile is its security stands on end-to-end encryption protocols, making your chat history unreachable by third parties. Chats may be peer-to-peer, or available for groups.

Signal has been used by 40 million people, with the US and Western Europe as the top locations. Why do they prefer Signal over competing applications like Telegram or WhatsApp? Let’s take a look at its main features before creating and verifying Signal account.

Can I Create an Anonymous Signal Account

What is Signal Messenger?

Signal outplays competitors regarding user protection, but once you compare the functionality, it falls behind. It doesn’t offer unique user features and gets updated at a slower pace than its competitors. 40 million people have registered a Signal account, it’s small compared to WhatsApp’s 1 billion and Telegram’s 700 million.

It provides functions like calling, texting, screen sharing, message scheduling, notes to self, in-house payment solutions, chat appearance personalization, etc.

What is Signal Messenger

Several things set this messaging service apart from its counterparts, including:

  • It is open-sourced. You can explore the backdoors and bugs in its security, without worrying that you can get your Signal account blocked;
  • The application has no access to messaging history and private data. It can only know the last day when you opened the app;
  • You need to share your contact list to use the app, but it cannot reach it. Their servers respond with the lists, but don’t store them.
  • Signal has no business model, and doesn’t get any money from the app;
  • The Android version lets you import/export the information in case you switch to a new device. The IOS and PC variants don’t support this.

Many people consider Signal the best solution for web protection. There’s one unclear issue. It says it’s an open-sourced mobile application that guarantees security, but is there a risk of SPAM, scam, or data breaches? In other words, is Signal safe to use, really?

Is Signal safe?

Signal experienced a rapid increase in the total audience, followed by an increase in scammer population in late 2020 and 2021 and later. Considering this, the app’s developers added various features to battle the influx of malevolent users.

If you get a text from a stranger, it will first appear in message requests that you can approve or deny. You cannot check the links in the request until you approve it. Since most users prefer not answering unknown users in the requests menu, this feature puts Signal account hosts in relative security.

The application has been hacked only once in its history. In the summer of 2022, Twiio, a company that provides number verification services for Signal, faced a phishing attack. It resulted in 1,900 people getting their phone numbers exposed and hacked.

Given that 1,900 is a minuscule share of the application’s total audience of 40 million, it has done well to secure the Signal account holders. So, answering the aforementioned question, yes, Signal is a 100% anonymous and safe service. If interested, consider downloading it on IOS, PC, and Android and creating an account.

Registering on Signal

The procedure doesn’t require anything but the phone number to register Signal accounts, indicating that data protection is prioritized.

The reason to require a number stands on the technology that messengers use to operate. End-to-end encryption lets the system maintain the security of the chats and confidentiality of the users but needs them to share a number. Signal needs a number for this security protocol to work.

The app doesn’t want you to submit a username or email. The single way to identify users on an already anonymous Signal is the phone number.

download signal messenger

The procedure requires the following steps:

  1. Review the terms of Signal’s services and tap Continue to approve them;
  2. Specify your mobile phone number, tap Next;
  3. Receive the confirmation SMS to tap it in or request a verification audio call;
  4. Follow the given recommendations to finalize the onboarding process.

Phonr numbers can still be fished by spammers and fraudsters. That’s unfortunate, and there are popular solutions against this. One of them is the virtual numbers that work remotely from any device or SIM card and don’t require any additional hardware. Lots of services offer to buy them, with numerous underwater rocks and prices.

Can I create a Signal account without a phone number?

SMS-man is a service that will help you create a Signal account without a phone number by using a virtual phone number to receive SMS. There are phone numbers of different countries available on the site, which you can use for anonymous online registrations.

virtual phone number from SMS-man

To do this, follow these step-by-step instructions:

  1. Go to our website, log in or create an account;
  2. Refill your balance by selecting one of the available payment methods from the “Refill my balance” section;
  3. Go back to the main page to choose your country and “Signal” service, then click on the purchase button next to it;
  4. Copy the virtual number from the “History” section and specify it when registering in the messenger;
  5. To get the verification code, go back to SMS-man and click on “get SMS”;
  6. Enter the verification code in the messenger to complete the registration of an anonymous Signal profile.

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