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How to Make Vinted Account without a Phone Number

Vinted Account without a Phone Number

What is Vinted? Vinted is a growing marketplace for new and secondhand goods, mostly clothes. It’s a European startup, created in 2008 and available on desktop, in browser, and in the app form. It’s convenient either way, but the mobile version lets people shop with extreme comfort, utility, and precision. The sorting and navigation features are a big contributing factor.

The Vinted marketplace is available in many European countries and the US. Originally a small Lithuanian company, it’s now a billion-dollar business with offices in the UK, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Canada, the USA, and more. It’s a reliable supplier with a pristine reputation. You do need a complete account to sell or buy, and there are strict rules concerning phone numbers.

How to Make Vinted Account without a Phone Number

Vinted Unique Features and Benefits

What is Vinted like for consumers? It’s similar to various alternative marketplaces, like eBay, Shopee, etc. The distinguishing quality is its focus on used goods. A big portion of clothes sold on Vinted isn’t sold fresh by entrepreneurs. Instead, it’s about individuals selling their old clothes. It’s not a rule that Vinted listings must be used. There are many filters that let people sort by condition.

Vinted Opinioni Copertina jpg

Besides clothing type, size, color, brand, and more, people can sort the products by condition. That includes these categories:

  • New, with tags
  • New, no tags
  • Very good
  • Good
  • Satisfactory

What is Vinted like security-wise? The staff members don’t authenticate most goods. The luxury and brand products are verified, but it’s up to sellers to prove the condition of their listing to users. Receipts, tags, thorough pictures, and key elements (logos, stitches, patterns) are often uploaded for buyers to see. Buyers must examine the product themselves, including by contacting the seller via the messaging system.

If the article came in worse condition than displayed, Vinted can authorize the refund and punish the offending seller. Scams can occur on Vinted, both against sellers and buyers, like on other marketplaces. The company itself is trustworthy, but users must exercise the usual caution when dealing with individual sellers/buyers. Data theft from your Vinted account can also occur via the messaging system.

Nonetheless, the service is comfortable and practical.

Vinted Registration

Before you even learn how to buy on Vinted, you need an account here. Vinted has a complex registration process. It’s not hard, but you can’t register directly with your phone number. You must connect a Google+, Facebook, or other social media accounts to continue. These require an active phone number. Giving one to a big company is a dubious decision, which is why you might want to bypass this requirement.

The Vinted registration is hard without the phone number, but you can provide a fake, spare piece in the form of a virtual number. These are excellent for such registration procedures, bringing the same results without sacrificing privacy and anonymity. And safeguarding your data security from Google or Meta is important. They will collect your data and use it for gain.

So, to register on Vinted without a phone number and to have a functional account, you need to complete the Vinted registration process with fake mobile data. Spare SIM cards are often used to this end, but buying them is long, costly, and not terribly superior to simple virtual numbers. 

Virtual Numbers for Vinted

Virtual numbers are a cloud technology people use to replace regular phone numbers with disposable online alternatives. You buy them from vendors like SMS-man and use mostly for similar privacy measures. Registration with a virtual number is quick, simple, and very cheap. 

A single virtual message is enough to create a Vinted account. These cost <$1, depending on the country. For a very low cost, SMS-man clients can register on Vinted (or other services). If you never leave the website, there won’t be any trouble. It is unpunishable and untraceable. There are no real disadvantages here. 

virtual phone number for vinted

To buy a virtual message, follow these instructions: 

  1. Go to, register, or enter using a Google+ account.
  2. Click on the “top up” button at the top of the screen, deposit some funds.
  3. Choose the country and service to buy a one-off message.
  4. Press “buy SMS” near the required service button.
  5. Find the number in the history of recent requests.
  6. Enter this number while creating the Vinted account.
  7. Return to, click “receive SMS” in your profile.
  8. Use the received code to register the account.

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