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How to Buy European Virtual Phone Numbers for SMS Verification at an Affordable Price

European phone numbers

What can a person do if he wants to sign up for an account on a website or app but doesn’t want to link his phone number to it? The first solution that comes to mind is to get an extra SIM card and utilize it solely for this online service. This option will suit the goal for sure. But it will also set you back $5 to $10 in Europe, which is a quite significant sum, especially since you won’t need to use the purchased card very often in the future. It is unnecessary to spend that money on a single registration anymore. Nowadays there is a way more economical solution in the form of virtual European phone numbers for SMS verification.

Simple and inexpensive feature

Buying and using a virtual number instead of a SIM card will save you money as well as time. It takes no more than 5 minutes to perform all the necessary steps. As for the cost, it is at least several times less. For example, on SMS-Man it is possible to buy European online phone numbers starting from $0.15. The price depends on two factors: the country where phone numbers come from and the website or app they are configured for use with. However, even the most expensive solutions cost around $1. It is still way cheaper than purchasing a SIM card.

We also guarantee that using our service for SMS verification will be a complete success. Virtual phone numbers provided by us are fresh and accepted by every platform on the internet. You shouldn’t be concerned about the chances of blocking or other problems. Created account will be available for safe use without any limitations for as long as necessary.

How to buy virtual European phone numbers on SMS-Man?

Working with virtual numbers may seem complicated if it is going to happen for the first time. But actually, this is a simple process that is less likely to cause difficulties even for new users. To make sure everything goes as it should, follow our detailed guide for getting and activating the virtual Europe phone number below:

1. Create a personal account on It is simple, efficient, and private. No other confidential information rather than your email address is required.

Signing up for SMS-Man

2. Select the proper payment option on the relevant tab and replenish the balance.

Recharging balance on SMS-Man

3. On the main page choose the virtual number with the preferred Europe phone code. There are all European countries available.

4. Move to the tab with supported platforms and find one on which you are going to bypass SMS verification.

5. Click on “Buy SMS”.

6. Enter the received virtual phone number on the form for registration or verification of the service to which it belongs.

7. Confirm the phone number with the code that will arrive on it.

The task is done. Such a number is completely safe and there is no need to worry about the risk of unauthorized access. Buying more European numbers is not a problem either. In this case, the sequence of actions is the same as above. There are no limitations on how many virtual phone numbers one user can purchase.

How to get a virtual number for free?

The preceding tutorial shows that using our service is simple and convenient. However, if you run into any issues, like the inability to top up your balance with funds, you can use our channel on Telegram where we provide numbers for free. Everyone can use it to activate up to three virtual phone numbers each day. You can find there not only virtual European numbers from such countries as Germany, Lithuania, England, and others but also numbers from other parts of the world. Therefore, it is definitely worthwhile to try this opportunity.

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