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Linkedin sign up without phone number: how to create a profile and log in


LinkedIn is often considered a usual social media network. But this online service is not only about communicating with friends and relatives. It is also a good choice for those who want to find a job as well as build professional or business relationships. However, every platform has disadvantages, and in the case of this one, the most important one is its inaccessibility in some countries. You can bypass blocked access with a VPN. But signing up for service still might be a problem without a phone number issued in a specific country. So, in this article, we will share information about how to sign up for LinkedIn in such a case in the simplest way possible.

How to sign up for LinkedIn without getting blocked?

There is no issue with bypassing the access block on any online service. It can be easily completed using VPN or proxy. We recommend using Hola VPN. You can install this application on both Android and iOS mobile phones. Moreover, it is also available in form of an extension for Google Chrome. Everything that any user has to do is open this app and connect to the server in the US or any other allowed country. As a result of the performed actions, it will become possible to access LinkedIn accounts from anywhere in the world where this platform is restricted for visiting.

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How to bypass mobile LinkedIn verification using no phone number?

This question bothers many new users of the platform. Dealing with it is a bit more difficult than with access block but still, there is nothing really complicated about it. If a social networking site does not accept your mobile phone number, then simply use a temporary number that works for LinkedIn verification. They are available on a lot of various online services. But since in this case, it is important to make the right choice, we would recommend using SMS-Man.

This platform provides an opportunity to receive OTP from LinkedIn for less than $1. In addition, there are available a lot of mobile providers in different countries that users can choose from. So there is a way to create a fake LinkedIn profile as well. You can replenish your balance using various payment systems from a bank transfer to cryptocurrencies.

Where to get a temporary phone number for LinkedIn profile registration?

Obtaining and using such a feature is not difficult at all. It takes literally a few minutes even for newcomers. Here is a detailed and step-by-step guide on how to sign up for LinkedIn without phone number:

1. Make an account at

2. Open the payment tab from the left corner of the main page and add funds to your balance in the appropriate way.

3. Go to the main page once again and select the country of temporary number mobile operator along with LinkedIn.

4. Make a purchase.

5. Enter obtained temporary phone number on LinkedIn in the registration form and press the “Send” button to request a verification message.

6. Get code from SMS-Man.

7. Use it to verify your identity, fill out the rest of the information and you are ready to go.

This is how everyone can sign up for LinkedIn no matter what restrictions there are. Having a good VPN and a temporary number is more than enough for this task.

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