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How to use Terabox without a phone number

how to use Terabox without phone number

When you buy a phone, you consider all its characteristics. But the most important thing for you is the memory on your phone. you take photos, download applications, and so on. And often, when your phone has only 64 gigabytes of memory or 128 gigabytes, you do not have enough. And if you made a very large video and want to send it to a friend? for example, the video weighs 5 gigabytes. It makes no sense to keep such a video on your phone, no social network or messenger will not allow you to throw such a video. So in this article I will tell you how to use Terabox.

how to use Terabox

why do you need terabox account?

Terabox is one of the leading services among the cloud data storages. It allows you to download up to a terabyte of information for free! No other service will allow you to download so much, especially for free. But there is one problem: to start using the service, you need to link your phone number. So later we will talk about how to use terabox without a phone number. But in fact: how to do this? There is a sms-man site for this. Here you will find numbers from over 180 countries and more than 100 services. All of our numbers are virtual and do not exist physically, so you can not experience sms-man: the best way to stay anonymous on the web!

is terabox safe?

Of course the first thing everyone does when they use a service like this is to think about the safety of their files. Terabox is one of the most secure cloud storage services. It uses the latest encryption technology to keep all the information you store in the cloud safe.

Moreover, the terabox app is also equipped with the best encryption methods. 

how to create terabox account

We have already understood that terabox is a handy service, but how to use it? For this, as i said before, you need to create a terabox account. To do this first go to their website.

On the home page you will be greeted by a login via e-mail, phone number and so on. But we are not interested in all this. We need to create a terabox account so there we go and click.

The login panel has been replaced by the account creation panel. We need to select the Phone or Email option.

Here you will be offered to create an account with either a mail, or with a number. Post does not interest us in any way, but the option of a number is what we need. Before you choose a country code to buy a number on our site. Then tell more about what you need to do on the site sms-man.

buying a virtual phone number at the sms-man site

Go to our site and create an account. At the top will be the appropriate button. Click and specify all the required information for registration. 

A message is sent to your email. Click on the special link to confirm that you are a human being. 

Now you are redirected to the main page, you need to refill your balance. Go to the tab with the payment. Here you need to choose the amount of refill and currency.

After the payment on the main page, select the service and country.

Before receiving, do not forget to turn on the VPN.

Now you only need to get a code, enter it when registering and you will have a terabox account.


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