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Keybase – review and registration without phone number?



The new messenger Keybase uses cryptography with a public key, which guarantees complete confidentiality of communication. Your messages cannot be read even by the developers of the application. Keybase can be downloaded for Windows, Linux, as well as on the popular mobile operating systems iOS and Android. To do registration in Keybase you need to read this article.

Keybase features:

  • user-friendly and attractive interface;
  • You do not need to know the phone number or email of your interlocutor to communicate;
  • secure communication thanks to end-to-end encryption (E2E);
  • communication in one messenger with users of Reddit , Facebook, Twitter, GitHub, and other services;
  • Tor command line support;
  • synchronization with all connected devices.

As it became clear from the description, Keybase application provides the user with complete anonymity. For even more secure communication to register in Keybase, it is most effective to buy a virtual number. This will completely eliminate the use of personal data. About where and how to buy a virtual number for Keybase in detail we will consider further.

Мессенджер Keybase – обзор и регистрация без номера телефона?

Buy a virtual number for Keybase

Virtual numbers can be purchased from a large number of sites. They are specially created for sms activation in various services. You can buy a virtual number for Keybase at a low price on You can choose it from a large list, distributed by price and country of mobile operator.

Service except registration in Keybase without phone number, offers sms activation for WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram and many other popular messengers. The site is very easy to use, but even if something is unclear, you can contact the support chat.

Buy a virtual number for Keybase registration (step by step instruction):

  1. Go to and do a quick registration.


2. Open the menu in the left corner of the screen and select “Payment”.

3. Deposit the necessary amount of money to balance through one of the payment systems.

4. Select “Keybase” service on the main page.

5. Choose a virtual number from the list. Click on the button “Get”.

6. Enter received number while registering in Keybase application.

7. After sending sms, return to your personal cabinet at sms-man and press “Get sms”.

8. In the “SMS” column the code for Keybase activation will appear.

9. Return to the application and enter the verification code.

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