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How to get Battlefield 5 for free?

BFV Standard Edition


I’m glad you’re here. I’ll show you how to get a code from the game Battlefield 5, with which you can get some greens in your pocket.

We need to register an Amazon account and get Prime Gaming there

Before you start:

Launch a VPN, select the country Ukraine (Ukraine)
Go to the browser, clean the cookies (you need to clean the cookies every 9 accounts)


1. With the VPN enabled, cookies cleared, follow the link and click Try Prime


2. Next, we see such a window, click Continue:


3. Next, we are transferred to the registration window, click Create your Amazon account


4. In the Your name field, we write a random set of letters, numbers, no difference.

For Email, we will use a temporary email:!. For convenience, set the password to 123123.


5. Next, we see this:

Click Solve Puzzle, and select the animal standing on its feet horizontally
After passing the captcha, we receive a code in the mail.

Click on the email
Copy the code, and enter it in the field

7. Adding a number

Next, we are asked to specify the number. To do this, go to the SMS services, such as SMS-Man. We will need the country numbers of Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Portugal, South Africa. We register, top up the balance, buy a number. I have chosen Portugal.

After receiving the number, we change the country code to Portuguese, enter the number, and click Add mobile number

We are waiting for the code that will come to the SMS service

Then we enter it in this field and click Create your Amazon account


8. After adding the number, we have such a window:

Adding a map

To get maps, we go to the website:

Choosing this bank:

The map format must be of the form 5289 00xx xxxx xxxx
We generate a card and enter the data (we write any words in the Name on Card) and click Add your card

9. Filling in the address

In the Country/Region field, select the country Ukraine

In the Full name field, we write any name

In Street Address we write: Igorevskaya

In the City we write: Kiev

In the Zip Code, we write: 04070

In PhoneNumber, we write: 37116911911


Click Use this Address

10. We are on the final path 🙂

Click Continue


11. Click Start Your Free Trial


12. You almost have the code 😉


If there is an error, then it’s a matter of the number, you need to take another one,
or you haven’t changed the card (I remind you, it needs to be changed every 9 codes)

13. In the Search window, write “Battlefield”

14. Click Claim. And once again Claim

15. You have the code! Click Copy and save it to notepad.

That’s how we can get Battlefield simple and cheap.


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