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Instagram vs Snapchat — Key Differences Data Security

Instagram vs Snapchat — Key Differences Data Security

Instagram and Snapchat are quite different, but they also have some similar features. That is why people compare them with each other quite frequently and are wondering which platform is more preferable. In this Instagram vs Snapchat guide, we’ll look at their common features, differences as well as pros and cons for business and personal use.

What is more, we will explore the ways in which these applications ensure the protection of user data. We will also discover how you can enhance your in-app confidentiality by using a virtual phone number instead of a real one.

Instagram vs Snapchat

Instagram vs Snapchat — Brief Intro

Both applications emerged at almost the same time, in 2010 and 2011, respectively. They pursued the same goal that was to allow users to communicate by exchanging photos, videos and other multimedia content. But their creators chose different paths.

Instagram started as a social network where users post content to a publicly accessible news feed. While Snapchat is an instant messaging platform for sending and receiving multimedia content in private messages with friends. Despite this, Instagram also has a feature of DM, and a Snapchat user can make any “Snap” publicly visible.

Both Snapchat and Instagram have huge global user bases with almost 300 million and over 500 million daily active users, respectively.

The major difference between the services seems to be their core audiences, functionality and the way of user interaction. And this seems to be the crucial reason why people prefer one app over another. But before speaking about contrasting features, first, let’s take a quick look at what these apps have in common.

Instagram vs Snapchat — Similar Features

Instagram vs Snapchat — Similar Features

  • Both apps feature “Stories” which disappear after 24 hours. Though, this is the original feature of Snapchat, which once brought great popularity to the app. And Instagram borrowed this feature from Snapchat. It happened after one of the co-founders, Evan Spiegel, turned down an offer to sell Snapchat to Facebook Inc. (now known as Meta Platforms Inc.).
  • Snapchat and Instagram both have AR-filters and masks. But again Snapchat was the first to introduce funny filters such as “dog ears” that has become the app’s so-called trademark in the late 2010s.
  • Instagram’s Reels and Snapchat’s Spotlight as the apps’ TikTok-like functionality.

Instagram vs Snapchat — Core Functionality & Content Duration

While Snapchat and Instagram are often discussed as rivals, their fundamental differences lie in their core functionalities.

User content in Snapchat doesn’t live long: all the images, Stories, and short videos are self-destroyed after a set time expires. Though, an app’s user can save the content they like to “Favorites” by double-clicking on it. The short-living content designed with comic lenses and insane stickers, on the one hand, is the so-called calling card of the app. That is how the “hip” and “now” platform protects user privacy. However, it is worth noting that for some people this is an inconvenience that often serves as an answer to the question “why is Instagram better than Snapchat?”.

In contrast, Instagram allows storing published content including photos, videos, and live feeds for as long as needed. And Stories vanishing after 24 hours is just an extra format that was added to core features due to high popularity.

Instagram vs Snapchat — Audience & Content Types

Another major difference between Snapchat and Instagram is their target audiences. High speed of content refreshing that disappear in a day have made Snapchat very popular among teenagers all over the world. These app’s properties correlate well with youngsters’ short attention spans. While Instagram has a more mature audience in the age between 25 and 34.

Furthermore, Instagram users prefer aesthetic content and beautiful pictures. While, on Snapchat they are more inclined towards funny images and videos enhanced with eccentric and vibrant filters.

Instagram vs Snapchat — Audience & Content Types

To sum up, Instagram vs Snapchat choice depends on your target audience — if you are a company — and the way you want to promote your brand. Though, you don’t have to choose just one.

Snapchat or Instagram — Which is Better for Marketing?

Both apps allow you to visually promote your brand and get in close contact with your audience. Snapchat’s self-destroying feature can spur user curiosity. And this makes it an effective engagement and involvement tool. Which is more, through the Discover feature, you can increase your brand awareness by uploading funny videos about your company.

On Instagram, live feeds prove to be a very efficient tool. It allows you to share educational information about your brand’s products or even share the captivating story behind your brand.

However, speaking of the provided statistics and analytical tools for advertising campaigns, Instagram is an obvious winner in this Instagram vs Snapchat confrontation. It gives extended statistics and numerous tools for analytics that are completely free.

Snapchat, on the contrary, provides very poor statistics and only a few instruments with paid functionality. Though, it is a necessary platform for businesses that aim to cover younger audiences that have shorter attention spans.

Instagram vs Snapchat — Which is Better for Data Security?

If you choose between Instagram and Snapchat in terms of data privacy, it’s worth noticing the following. Snap cares a lot about the security of the community, and the app’s servers are considered among the most secure compared to other communication platforms. The company also introduced the use of end-to-end encryption for “Snaps” (images and videos). Moreover, if someone takes a screenshot of your shared photo, video or private “Story”, you’ll get a notification about the same.

Though, having the in-app “Snap Map” feature is still a matter of concern when it comes to the safety of young users, who are the primary target audience of the app. Mainly because it enables users to share their location and zoom in to a specific street address. And, in theory, this simplifies stalking a lot.

What about the confidentiality of user information on Insta in this Instagram vs Snapchat comparison? The social network not only allows you to restrict the entire account from unexpected visitors. On Instagram, you can also limit viewers of your Stories to a list of “Best Friends”. For greater privacy, Instagram finally introduced a feature that allows you to send messages that can only be read once. Furthermore, it offers the “Vanish Mode” that instantly makes messages and images disappear once you exit the chat. These features were also implemented following the example of Snapchat.

So, to conclude, if making a choice between Instagram and Snapchat, Snap provides a much better level of protection of user privacy.

Virtual Phone Numbers for Better Privacy & Anonymity

What is more, if you value the security of your login credentials when registering for applications, you may consider using a virtual phone number. It will protect you from being attacked by spam calling and messages to your real phone number as well as potential data leaks that are happening more and more often today.

Thus, with SMS-Man, you can purchase a Chinese, US, Singapore or other phone number for less than $1.

This tool enables you to easily create anonymous accounts on Snapchat or Instagram, ensuring that the system does not detect your identity — and the number as a virtual one. What’s more, you’ll gain access to blocked services, all without any ties to specific devices or a SIM-card.

Bypassing verification using our platform is secure, since you carry out all the actions for receiving verification code within your personal account. Moreover, it saves your valuable time, since it usually lasts no more than 10 minutes before registration is completed.

virtual phone number from sms man

How to create a Snapchat or Instagram Account Without a Phone Number?

1. Log in to using email or through a social network account. Wait for the “Receive SMS” tab to load.
2. First, select a country of the mobile operator, and then click on the “Buy SMS” button next to the icon of the required service.
3. Check the “History” section below and copy the received phone number from there.
4. Open another tab and use the number when signing up for Snapchat or Instagram.
5. Next, return to your SMS-Man account and request an SMS with a confirmation code by clicking on the “Receive SMS” button to the right of the purchased number.
6. Apply the code.

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