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How to Create an IPair Account without a Phone Number?

How to Create an IPair Account without a Phone Number?

What is IPair? It’s a Taiwanese web networking and social media platform, offering texting, calling and online dating functions. It’s used widely by users from different regions of Asia. According to the app’s statistics, it’s among the biggest in Asia, with 8M+ users.

The app is comparable to the dating apps like Tinder but stands out due to its features, and focus on comfort. To use the service, you need an authorised account, which requires your private information, including a phone number. So, what is IPair, and its account creation procedure like? Check the guide by SMS-man.


Why Does an IPair Dating Website Worth It?

IPair’s interface includes a location-based matchmaking area, a live streaming section, chats, and those who you liked. The software monitors the behaviour of thousands to provide you with the safest experience.

Why Does an IPair Dating Website Worth It

As the app targets user comfort and safety, its developers have added some valuable functions:

  • Delete your chat history for everyone, anytime.
  • Create chat rooms, live stream your events.
  • Set your Ipair account privacy and notification specifications.
  • Enjoy in-app stickers.
  • All users must verify their identity by providing detailed profile info.
  • Search safely with in-app filters.

The app may be inconvenient, given that IPair doesn’t offer invisible mode, or auto-translation while chatting and calling, and most users on the platform don’t speak European languages. Additionally, it’s not available on PC. But if you want to get friends from China, Korea, India, or Japan, the app may be valuable.

Notably, you need to pass Ipair registration, which requires some of your confidential information. To learn more, check the below block.

What is Ipair Registration Like?

After pressing “register” in the site’s upper right corner, you’ll need to follow a few steps that can be completed within a minute:

  • Fill in your mobile phone number
  • Set up a password.
  • Agree to the TOS and finish

The reason to request a phone number for IPair comes from safety issues. It’s a way to find and block users who violate its Terms of Service or Privacy Policies, behave inappropriately, and often get reported. You can restore your account using the number.

Disregarding the obvious benefits, some feel unsafe sharing personal information with third-party applications. Nobody can check how the services like IPair use such info. It can be hacked, so it’s understandable that one might want to keep this piece of data away from the Ipair dating website.

One can use an alternative like a spare SIM-powered phone number, but it’s not the best option, as you’ll need to provide documentation details. SMS-man can offer the second option – the virtual numbers, created via cloud software, which is untraceable and don’t require any specific information.

How to Pass IPair Registration Using Virtual Phone Numbers?

The virtual phone numbers don’t use traditional SIM cards or specific hardware to operate. They cannot make or accept calls, but you can substitute your mobile phone number for Ipair system, and it will not know the difference. Virtual numbers are legitimate; even if they weren’t, no app would be able to track them.

SMS-man can help those who value web anonymity with auto-generated numbers for rental or one-time purchase. Both can help register. The difference is, the purchased number can accept verification SMS once, which is relevant for signup in one service, while the rented numbers can do it several times.

virtual phone number for ipair

It’s recommended to buy a number if you simply need to register on the Ipair dating website. So, how to do it:

  1. Register and log in to
  2. Make a deposit using the “Top up my balance” page.
  3. Then, click on the “Buy SMS” button.
  4. Then select the desired country of the phone number and “IPair” service.
  5. Press the “Buy SMS” button and scroll down the page to the “History” section.
  6. Copy your virtual number and use it when registering.
  7. Go back to SMS-man and click “Get SMS” to get a code.
  8. Use it to complete the registration process.

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