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How to Create a Mega Account without a Phone Number?

Create a Mega Account without a Phone Number

What is MEGA? It’s a privacy-centric platform that lets you keep and share data online in cloud storage. You can make peer-to-peer/group calls, online meetings, and chat–all under one roof. The number of app’s registered users exceeds 288M, including 10M daily users.

MEGA makes revenue by offering a paid-for subscription, unlocking enhanced cloud storage features. The app has become quite popular since its inception in 2013. It is mainly distributed via a website, but it’s available on mobile too. So, what is MEGA in terms of its subscription and overall utility?

Mega Account

MEGA — Features & Benefits

All information on MEGA is secured with anonymous end-to-end encryption, letting only the sender and receiver of messages view the chat history contents. It’s difficult for third parties to read and understand the data, as it will appear gibberish. The developers cannot decrypt the data; they don’t have the necessary keys.

The standard MEGA personal account users are offered 20GB of cloud storage, but you can expand it by accomplishing in-app tasks. You’re in full control of the data, with the ability to set passwords to the documents, read-only mode, expiring links, or prevent new group chat members to read the old messages. They let users share files and folders with friends, family, or those without MEGA on computers.

MEGA — Features & Benefits

The subscription service has four monthly cloud-storing options for MEGA personal account owners:

  • 400 GB of data storage space, 1TB of bandwidth.
  • 2TB of space, 2TB of bandwidth.
  • 8TB of space, 8TB of bandwidth.
  • 16TB of space, 16 TB of bandwidth.

A business account subscription provides 3TB of storage space and 3TB of bandwidth. Additional space can be purchased with no cap. To gain access, at least three users must participate in the purchase operation. To learn more about ins and outs, check out their official website

So, what is MEGA in terms of functionality, aside from the aforementioned features? You can switch among devices, sharing data among them and synchronizing it in real time. All modifications will be saved so you can view the latest texts, images, or files everywhere.

The application has garnered a reputation as a secure and effective cloud service. The developers promise that with MEGA you will fully control your data. Since 2013, they have built a huge ecosystem, inviting 250M+ users to create MEGA account.

If you want to become part of its community, consider registering an account. The process is simple and less than 5 minutes.

MEGA Personal Verification & Registration Explained

MEGA has proven to be a reliable and secure messaging and cloud storage app, but its security was weak at launch. Various loopholes were found that a hacker could use to harvest the customer data. Since then, the app has improved its security system, modifying both the software and registration procedure.

To register a MEGA personal account in 2023, you must provide your name, and email address, and set up a complex password. Then, follow the instructions from the latter to verify your account. Notably, the app won’t be able to restore your password if you forget it.

Do you need to submit number info to register? The system requests it to make it easier for your phone contacts to find you, but the chats and calls are still available. You can gain a 5GB expansion to your cloud vault if you link the number.

So, you don’t have to submit it for MEGA personal verification, but it’s still used by the system. You might consider MEGA as a storage, not a messenger, and benefit from a free 5GB data cap increase. But you probably don’t want to share a number for this. If that’s the case, SMS Man can help bypass the submission requirements.

MEGA registration

Can I create MEGA account without a Phone Number?

SMS-man offers virtual phone numbers that work over the Internet and do not require a SIM card. They do not allow you to make calls, but with their help you can register in various services or specify them where a regular number should be. You can use one of them when registering your personal MEGA account.

You can get such numbers in SMS-man in two ways: buy or rent. In the first case, it is a disposable number capable of receiving a verification SMS message; in the second case, it is a number that is valid for up to four months and then expires. It can be used for several registrations.

virtual phone number for MEGA

Read the following step-by-step instructions to learn how to do this:

  1. Open, register and log in to your account.
  2. Make a deposit by using the “Top up my Balance” page.
  3. Once the balance is credited, click the “Buy SMS” button.
  4. Then select the desired country of phone number and “MEGA” service.
  5. Click the “Buy SMS” button and scroll down to the “History” section.
  6. Copy your virtual number and use during registration.
  7. Go back to SMS-man and click “Receive SMS” to get the code.
  8. Use it to complete MEGA registration process.

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