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Can I Use Spar Delivery App Without a Phone Number?

Can I Use Spar Delivery App Without a Phone Number?

What is SPAR? It’s a chain of retail stores from the Netherlands with a delivery app called SPAR2U. The latter is a mobile solution that allows users to remotely receive a package of groceries from this retail chain. The functionality lets you connect to the nearest SPAR store, browse the selection, see special offers, and request a door-to-door delivery.

If you enjoy shopping at SPAR, the SPAR2U app is a must-have. The delivery fees are low, and there is a loyalty program for frequent users. To use the app effectively, you need to have a SPAR nearby and a functional account. To create an account, you don’t need much besides the phone number.

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SPAR2U Benefits and Features

The SPAR delivery app is a simple solution with several streamlined features that enable the entire experience in a comfortable, fast, and user-friendly manner.

SPAR2U Benefits and Features

The key functions include:

  • The ability to select a nearby SPAR from which to deliver goods.
  • Catalog of goods, prices, and special offers.
  • Door-to-door SPAR delivery with optional preferences.
  • Customer support and review system.

The main advantage of the application is its specialization. SPAR created it as a dedicated official solution. As such, if you want to remotely acquire some goods from these stores, your best bet is this mobile application. It’s the fastest, most convenient way to shop there.

The app is available on Google Play, AppStore, and SPAR’s official website. It’s technically not restricted in most countries, but there’s no sense in downloading SPAR2U anywhere except nations with SPAR locations. The number of such countries is limited to the Netherlands, UK, Poland, Ireland, Switzerland, Sri Lanka, and South Africa.

It’s pointless to order a SPAR delivery in, say, Canada, but it could be beneficial for traveling purposes. During a trip to Amsterdam, a delivery app like this is invaluable. The SPARs are everywhere in the Netherlands, it’s the easiest way to get practical, cheap food in the country. Hence, registering a SPAR2U account can be advantageous for tourists.

SPAR2U Registration

A fortunate part of the SPAR delivery experience is the quick registration process. The delivery apps value convenience and speed too much to burden newcomers with extra details. A phone number is the only piece of personal information they demand, and that’s great.

You can fake a phone number, ensuring the total anonymity of your account. Submitting private phone data invites the recipient to use it for ill. SPAR isn’t famous for misusing user data, but keep sharing your main number with corporations and it’ll eventually find its way into scammer’s hands.

A good precautionary measure is to use a spare number—either a SIM card or a virtual number purchased online. The phone data isn’t essential for the SPAR experience. They use it as a way to limit users to just one account. Hence, you’ll lose nothing by sharing a disposable number.

Virtual Numbers with SPAR2U

Virtual numbers are a good way to create a SPAR account without compromising your personal data. You can purchase these numbers online for very little without submitting any private info. So, a number obtained this way isn’t tied to you, which makes it disposable. However, they have a limited number of uses.

SMS-man is one of the primary vendors of virtual numbers online. The shopping process takes moments, and you can immediately start receiving the verification messages necessary to complete registration here. You can purchase a single virtual message or rent a number with unlimited messages for up to 4 months.

A single message is enough to create a SPAR account. Such a message typically costs some cents, rarely above $1. A rented number is typically more costly. If you log out or lose the account, you can purchase another message and create a new account. You’ll reset the loyalty program, but its bonuses aren’t as significant as the value of anonymity.

virtual phone number for SPAR

To create a SPAR delivery account using a virtual message, follow the instructions:

  1. Go to, register, or enter using an existing Google+ account.
  2. Click on the ‘top up’ button at the top of the screen, then deposit some funds.
  3. Select the country and service to buy a one-off verification code.
  4. Press ‘buy SMS’ near the required service button.
  5. Find the number in the history of recent requests.
  6. Enter this number during the SPAR registration.
  7. Return to, click ‘receive SMS’ in your profile.
  8. Use the received code to register the account.

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