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Can I Create Sezzle Account without a Phone Number?

Create Sezzle Account without a Phone Number

What is Sezzle? It’s an American financial application developed in 2016 to provide users with an opportunity to buy products from affiliated brands and pay for them later. The app has attracted 48K+ participating partners and 10 million users due to various features that focus on user comfort.

Its money-earning strategy relies on user commissions on some operations, merchant fees, and commissions on the loans a customer takes with the affiliated businesses. So, given how useful the app is, what is Sezzle like and how does its registration work?


How Can a Sezzle Account Help You?

Once a user conducts a product purchase operation via Sezzle, its system checks their account history to pick the relevant plan. Typically, the payment is split into four parts; the user pays off the first 25% immediately, with the rest distributed over the flexible deadlines within six weeks. They also offer monthly payment options.

The merchants receive full prepayment from the app, not from the Sezzle account holder. The latter then settles with Sezzle. If the customer violates the terms, a fee starts to accumulate. In some cases, the app may charge for debit or credit card payments; more information about fees can be found on their blog.

They offer pre-approved virtual cards that work with Visa or Mastercard and partner with some stores, including Target. In general, Sezzle’s services work with most major brands like Amazon, Walmart, Instacart, Apple, Doordash, and more. However, the app is open to all merchants, including small ones.

sezzle account

What is Sezzle for merchants like? It helps increase revenue and improve lead conversion & retention rates by letting clients pay later. With a 10M+ user base and a 22% average order value lift, it is undoubtedly beneficial for sellers. For all fees and registration conditions, check their website.

Sezzle ensures the security of its cardholder data by following modern PCI standards for storing that data. Sezzle makes this commitment as the organization handling the financial and personal information of Sezzle account holders. Similar tools are used to ensure the protection of merchant data.

Thus, the app provides a safe and secure way to improve users’ quality of life on a “buy now, pay later” basis. Given the number of partners, user-friendly interface, overall security, and multi-platform features, no wonder that signing up for a Sezzle account has attracted so many users. If interested, check out the section below to learn how to register.

What is Sezzle Registration Like?

Its developers offer an easy way to register a customer account. According to them, to create an account you need to be over 18 years old, have a U.S. or Canadian cell phone number, confirm your e-mail address and a payment method, such as a bank account.

Given these requirements, Sezzle is inconvenient for most non-Americans and non-Canadians because it is difficult to obtain these numbers outside of Canada or the United States. They request this information from Sezzle account holders because it helps them track payment transactions, find fraudsters, or recover accounts.

If you need to register an account without being in these countries, or you simply don’t want to provide your number, consider an option such as virtual phone numbers. You don’t need a SIM card or documents to use this cloud-based technology, you can do it online.

Virtual Phone Numbers for Sezzle Account

These phone numbers can accept SMS, meaning you can get a Sezzle verification code to complete registration.

SMS-Man will help you create a Sezzle account using rental or one-time virtual phone numbers. The first option is suitable for those who need to register for numerous services or receive SMS messages repeatedly. Both are fine, but if you just need to sign up and explore the app, SMS-man recommends using one-time phone numbers.

virtual phone number for sezzle

Here’s how to register using one of them:

  1. Go to, register and enter your account.
  2. Refill your balance with some money.
  3. Select “Buy SMS” on the landing page.
  4. Select USA or Canada as your country and Sezzle as your service.
  5. Find your virtual phone number for Sezzle in the archive, copy it.
  6. Enter it when prompted, request a verification code.
  7. Click “Get SMS” button in your SMS-Man profile, send it.

SMS-Man also offers numbers for rent on a monthly, weekly or even daily basis. For more information, check out the related articles on the blog.

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