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How to Create a Hopper Account Without a Phone Number

Create a Hopper Account Without a Phone Number

What is Hopper? Hopper is a booking app with numerous features to monitor prices and save money. The platform acts as a catalog of available flights, hotels, and rental cars. The marketplace functionality allows businesses to sell such services directly. Moreover, Hopper is a wonderful application for planning trips.

Hopper is marketed as a money-saving solution with features that prevent unnecessary expenses and enable cheaper trips. The functionality revolves around the trip planner function, which incorporates various trip elements into a single schedule. There, users can adjust the cost and change elements with comfort.

The app is available on App Store, Google Play, in browser form and is downloadable on the official website. It’s known as a user-friendly, convenient platform. The registration only takes your name (which will be your Hopper login), email, and phone number. Registering without a phone number is an option, but it’s also possible to avoid sharing personal data altogether.

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Hopper app

Hopper App — Features & Benefits

So, what is Hopper feature-wise? Hopper enables users to go on extensive, detailed trip-planning sprees with all the different trip elements available on the marketplace. It’s meant to help you save money on trips and offer extra convenience.

Hopper Features & Benefits

It’s accomplished with these features:

  • Price Prediction. A flagship feature of Hopper’s, Price Prediction uses AI mechanisms to create a price forecast. If any trip element is expected to drop in price, the app will recommend a subscription and offer a notification if the price shrinks.
  • Price Freeze. Afraid of unexpected price shifts? Hopper can temporarily lock the price for a service fee. The company will cover up to $300 in increased costs.
  • Cancel, Change, or Leave for Any Reason. Users can refund/swap a flight and leave a hotel for no extra cost.
  • Flight Disruption Guarantee. Hopper helps refund or rebook a canceled flight.

In the end, what is Hopper? Hopper acts as a helpful trip editor that allows the creation and adjustment of complex trips from the options available on the platform. The focus is always on the cheapest offers, and Hopper will notify the buyer if less expensive trips become available. The Price Prediction tool helps in anticipating cost reduction.

Moreover, the all-inclusive method of shopping for flights, hotels, and cars in a simple, convenient environment allows for quick and painless change of plans. This improves the user experience and enables users to utilize each money-saving opportunity quickly. The core features and customer support further smoothen the process.

Utilizing the functionality of Hopper requires a working account, which can be created inside the app.

How to Register on Hopper?

To create a Hopper account, the company demands a name and an email/phone number. The phone number is the most preferred and comfortable method, but it’s also a security risk. The number stores too much personal information, and its theft can lead to uncomfortable scenarios.

This piece of data isn’t integral to the Hopper user experience, meaning that refusing to share a number won’t deteriorate the quality. But what is Hopper doing with your number? Hopper uses this procedure to deter clients from creating multiple accounts by sending each new client a verification code via SMS. You can still do it by purchasing multiple SIM cards or a virtual number.

Moreover, creating accounts using a spare, disposable number ensures your anonymity online. It’s difficult to achieve total privacy. However, if you avoid sharing your personal info with big companies like Hopper, it can move you closer to becoming invisible online. And that’s a big boost.

Using a Virtual Number with Hopper

Virtual numbers are a type of phone number, which users can acquire online without any personal information. They are anonymous, effective, and cheap. Virtual numbers can be purchased in bulk to create multiple accounts or a single number can be rented for unlimited use.

SMS-man is a major provider of virtual numbers. The numbers sold on SMS-man focus on the receiving of messages. It’s a cheap, simple way to receive verification codes necessary for most registration procedures. On SMS-man, virtual numbers are available in the form of rental numbers and single messages.

The latter is often enough to create an account, and such messages cost less than $1.

virtual phone number for hopper

To obtain a virtual phone number for Hopper, follow these steps:

  1. Join using a Google+ account.
  2. Deposit money via the “top up” button above.
  3. Pick the country and service, then click “buy SMS”.
  4. Find the number in your personal profile.
  5. Copy it, and use during registration.
  6. During the verification phase, return to the profile and click “receive SMS”.
  7. Complete the account registration.

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