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How to View LinkedIn Profiles Anonymously?

How to View LinkedIn Profiles Anonymously

LinkedIn is known for notifying account holders with every visitor (well, almost every). This can be quite inconvenient in certain situations. For instance, when you’re searching for potential candidates for a specific position and wish to remain unnoticed or need to verify information from a profile. Well, is there a way to view LinkedIn anonymously? Let’s answer this question in today’s article as well as delving into the key opportunities of this social platform for the global business community.


What is LinkedIn, and What is It Used for?

It’s the number one social network for business people (apologies, Facebook) who are seeking new job opportunities. With the platform, you can broaden your network of professional contacts, stay updated on the latest industry trends, and even discover the inside scoop of what’s happening in your field.

What is LinkedIn in terms of user accounts? A typical account on the platform serves as a user’s online resume, showcasing their work history in a chronological manner, highlighting their positions and responsibilities. Additionally, it contains information about their current professional skills and abilities.

Companies also create public pages on LinkedIn to share important business updates, including job offerings and events. Moreover, it helps them to collaborate with other organizations and enhance their online community and visibility.

What is LinkedIn used for? It offers individuals an effective promotional tool with a bulk of features to further their careers and discover interesting job opportunities. Additionally, this is a truly helpful platform for recruiters to post job offerings and search for talented candidates in diverse fields.

So, if you’re seeking ways to visit accounts in this social network incognito, be it for staffing purposes or otherwise, let’s delve deeper into the available options.

What is LinkedIn, and What is It Used for?

How to View LinkedIn Anonymously?

You can go incognito on LinkedIn either through the platform’s settings or using external means.

The first option is using the in-app private mode. Activate it in your profile viewing options (Settings & Privacy → Visibility → Profile viewing options), and individuals whose accounts you’ve checked will be notified that they were viewed in private mode. Any other information of yours including your avatar and name remains masked. What’s even nicer, with this feature, you can view LinkedIn anonymously with no charge at all. Though, for basic users, this privacy functionality works the other way round as well. They also will not be able to check their profiles’ visitors.

For premium users, in contrast, the so-called semi-private mode is available. It allows them to stay hidden when visiting users profiles as well as being able to discover visitors of their own accounts for the last 90 days.

If the initial option is not suitable for you, you have the alternative of creating a completely new anonymous or fake LinkedIn account, containing fictitious or no information. This will give you more freedom throughout the platform compared to the previous solution. Though it challenges you with getting an extra email address and phone number to register.

We can help you with the latter. If you have no second phone number on hand and no prejudice against disposable virtual phone numbers, sure.

How to Create an Anonymous LinkedIn Account Using a Temporary Virtual Phone Number?

First, who are we and what do we offer? SMS-Man is an SMS verification service with a huge database of temporary virtual phone numbers from over 180 countries. We provide a so-called no-phone registration and verification in over 1000 global online services and applications around the globe. This feature, among other things, lets you keep your actual credentials secure from the web intruders’ and marketers’ hands.

Moreover, it lets you access services that restrict you due to geolocation reasons and register a bulk of accounts at once. Or, like today, if you need to register a fake LinkedIn account to view profiles anonymously.

When using our SMS verification service, you receive a virtual phone number and request a confirmation code right within your personal account. Though, you may face some delays, and you probably will need to try a few numbers in a row. But please keep in mind that you get charged only after you receive the code — no worries.

A disposable virtual phone number for LinkedIn will cost you $0.13, or if you’re planning multiple registrations on diverse platforms, pay attention to the longer rental option — up to 3 months.

virtual phone number for linkedin anonymous account

How to register an anonymous LinkedIn account with SMS-man:

  1. Set up an account at through an email or social media account.
  2. Replenish your balance — the lower replenishment threshold is $10.
  3. In the “Receive SMS” tab, choose a required country — for LinkedIn, try out US or Germany. Then find LinkedIn in the search bar and click “Buy SMS”.
  4. Then check the number in the ‘History’ section below and copy it to apply for registration. Request a code.
  5. Get back to your SMS-Man’s profile and click “Receive SMS” near the number.
  6. Get the code and utilize it to complete registering an account, enabling you to view LinkedIn anonymously.

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