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How to Play PUBG without Phone Number?

How to Play PUBG without Phone Number

What is PUBG? It’s a 2017-developed PvP shooter game, released on PC, PS, Xbox and mobile. Its single playing mode is battle royale, in which up to 100 players fight on a huge map to survive the match, constantly changing their location to stay in a safe zone, as being outside causes damage. The last living player or squad wins the deathmatch.

You can play alone or team up with friends in a 2-4 player lobby for a formidable gaming experience. So, What is PUBG in detail? The active audience of millions of players will help find teammates, and the F2P access will let you in anytime. Given it, let’s answer before registering.

What is PUBG

What’s Worth Considering Before Creating a PUBG Account?

PUBG can be played as a first/third-person online shooter on personal computers, mobile devices, PS 4/5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S. The users of all gaming platforms except mobile can meet in matchmaking via the crossplay feature, making it easier to play with PUBG account owners on other platforms.

The game greets players with a menu, offering settings, personalization, store, lobby, etc. The user can set background surroundings, showing buildings, terrain, and other locations. In this environment is the user’s customizable game character, while the ‘Join Match’ button sits below.

PUBG Gameplay Review

PUBG Gameplay Review

What is PUBG match like? After it’is found, the players are taken to a waiting island. Once the timer expires, they teleport in a plane and parachute somewhere on one of in-game maps and immediately embark on finding weapons, ammo, consumables, armor, and transport. The landing time for players depends on the map, making them choose the right moment.

As players progress, they must move to a changing safe zone to avoid dying. Being outside deals damage that increases over time. What is PUBG match in its finale? The users alive engage in a firefight within a small area having previously found the best armor and weapons in buildings, air drops and on corpses. Once in a while, certain areas are bombarded.

Rounds last up to 30 minutes. If the players or teams are victorious, they get the “Winner Chicken Dinner” awards, experience points, and in-game money, spent on loot boxes with cosmetics. What is PUBG award for those who haven’t won but made achievements? They get less currency and experience. Notably, one can buy some for real cash.

These features gave PUBG developers worldwide recognition, good game reviews and scores, an impressive user base, huge sales, and widespread support, which prompted them to develop the classic and Lite mobile versions, regional editions, etc. Create PUBG account to immerse in an exciting gaming atmosphere. So, SMS-Man will tell you how.

What is PUBG Registration Like?

To start playing, you’re prompted to pass a post-installation registration protocol. Not only will the account help you play the game, but take part in forum discussions and activities, receive bonus items during special activities, and so on.

PUBG Registration

The process is simple, here is the guide on how to create PUBG account:

  1. Set a username.
  2. Create a password.
  3. Provide and e-mail and phone number for verification.
  4. Select avatar, link your social media, adjust settings (optional).

Providing a phone number is believed to help with recovery and security, and e-mail is used in a similar way. However, since it’s just a game, it’s hard to imagine how you could be hacked or jeopardized unless you disclose the information on purpose. Therefore, giving this information to PUBG or similar third parties is useless and even dangerous. So what to do otherwise? Let’s break it down.

If you are wondering “How to play PUBG without a phone number?”, the best solution is virtual phone numbers. They are generated automatically with special software on the provider’s side, guaranteeing high anonymity regardless of your location and device. Getting them is very easy and SMS-Man will show you how to do it.

Virtual Phone Numbers for PUBG Account Registration

SMS-Man can help you register a PUBG account with a virtual phone number that you can get for a small fee. Phone numbers from 180 different countries are available on the site and can be used to register with a variety of websites, apps, and games. If you’ve decided to go for one-time verification in PUBG, then let’s find out how to do it.

virtual phone number for pubg

Here’s a guide on how to purchase a virtual phone number:

  1. Register and log in to
  2. Refill your account on the ” Top up my balance” page.
  3. Click “Buy SMS” to open the order page.
  4. Select your country and the “PUBG” app, then click the buy button.
  5. Find it in the “History” section and copy it.
  6. Open PUBG and use it in the verification process
  7. Go back to SMS-man to get the code.
  8. Complete the verification process.

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