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How to Create Otus Account without a Phone Number?

Create Otus Account without a Phone Number

What is Otus? It’s a piece of educational software meant for maximizing college/school student growth while saving educator’s energy. It includes lots of data-reinforced tools for managing student progress, grading, assessment, and training using a uniform customer interface.

The application may be useful for parents, who want to improve the educational experience of their children, students, who value their time, and teachers/school admins, aiming to organise their routine. SMS-Man suggests digging deep to answer ‘What is Otus for real?’ before registering.

otus learning platform

What is Otus Platform?

The Otus platform provides many useful educational solutions for teachers and students. Experienced developers have developed software that allows you to conveniently manage classes, online courses and analyze data in education.

What is Otus Platform

So, there are four product categories by the service:

  • Assessments;
  • Grading & Reporting;
  • Instruction;
  • Progress Monitoring.

The Assessments section offers Otus login users 1200+ reading, language use, or math assignments drawn from national curriculum libraries, meaning they meet the highest state standards for instructional materials. Assessments relate to school grades, student or career development programs and mirror real-world tasks.

Users can build tasks via templates, graphics, etc. They can also make learning materials that will help recall the knowledge to memorize it in the tasks. One of the nice Otus features, Assessments are integrated with Google Docs.

Features of Otus Platform

The Grading & Reporting includes a customizable gradebook that can align to modern standards like CCSS, ELA, NGSS, etc., and more traditional ones. One can also add custom standards. Moreover, users can track various performance measures to check how a student is progressing.

What is Otus report for students like? When the grading is complete, users can draft a report for parents or superiors for each student. Parents can use the same and create reports for children as they complete assignments. It can include any information matching the reporter’s needs.

Instruction tools are designed to help teachers, parents, and students find relevant insights based on behavioral, psychographic, and demographic data. They then combine it into modifiable profiles that show trends in student learning. The Otus login users see the data as diagrams, scales, etc. All data is downloadable.

With the third-party information and the data from categories of other tools, they can monitor success to create and modify educational plans via Progress Monitoring instruments. One can merge them with external sources, publish updates, comments, and time stamps.

The developers have posted numerous success stories of using the Otus features, started a blog and support group, and created social media accounts and tutorials to stay connected with the audience and dispel the doubts of people hesitant to use it. Interested? Join its community by account authorization. SMS-Man will show how.

How to Sign Up for Otus?

Otus offers three types of accounts: Family, Student and Teacher. You cannot create a Student account manually, as the system assigns this task to your teacher or school. To create an admin account, you must first request a demo. So, if you don’t need hassles, you can sign up for Otus as Family, which is suitable for parents and children.

How to Sign Up for Otus

So, how to register a Family account? Here is a stepwise guide:

  1. Enter your first & last name;
  2. Choose a country;
  3. Enter your phone number;
  4. Confirm verification by SMS;
  5. Specify an email address;
  6. Create a password.

It is not clear how and why they might need a number and email during the Otus login creation, but the services tend to use these pieces of data for security and customer communication purposes.

But you mustn’t provide them, the data can be fabricated and nobody will figure it out. Traditional numbers can be faked via virtual numbers that ignore your hardware, and location, and help maintain anonymity. They can be used for SMS confirmation. And that’s exactly what SMS Man is selling.

Virtual Numbers for Otus Account Registration

So, what is Otus account registration via virtual numbers like? First, purchase a number from SMS-man.

SMS-man offers two types of virtual numbers: for rent or purchase. While the former is useful for multiple phone verifications, the latter is suitable for a one-time signup in an app of choice. If you need a single registration, then please read the tutorial on how to buy a number and register in Otus using it.

virtual phone number for otus

This is a step-by-step guide on how to get a virtual phone number:

  1. Register an account at;
  2. Refill your account with <1$ (it’s OK for a virtual phone number);
  3. Click “Buy SMS” to go to the main page;
  4. Select your country and “Otus” service;
  5. Find the phone number in the “History” section and copy it;
  6. Use it in your account verification process;
  7. Click “Get SMS” button to see the verification code;
  8. Enter the SMS code to complete the registration procedure.

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