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How to Create an Anonymous Upwork Account?

How to Create an Anonymous Upwork Account?

What is Upwork? It’s a website launched in 2015 that later became the world’s largest online workforce marketplace, targeted mostly on freelancers. Thousands of designers, programmers, writers and marketers find their jobs on Upwork from the biggest companies globally.

It is not mainly focused on small businesses, but on the needs of well-established companies, including mid-sized and Fortune 500 ones. This allows freelancers to expect larger salaries but also increases competition. So, what is Upwork really, and how to use it and register carefully? Read on for a guide from SMS-Man.

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What is Upwork in Terms of Functionality?

People build freelance careers to fit their life needs via Upwork. As digital nomads, they can post their CVs on the Talent Marketplace, making employers free to choose the best for their projects. They can chat in text or video formats and apply for existing jobs via the Connects feature if they’ve passed Upwork registration.

Project catalog is a section where freelancers can publish their complete projects, similar to what’s offered by its competitor, Fiverr. The employers can scroll the catalog down by the project filters and categories, whether it’s a piece of code, design, or article, and acquire it for a fixed price.

The nomads can also receive invitations from clients. They appear in the feed as messages from clients who want to discuss collaboration opportunities. What is Upwork like in terms of payouts in referral programs? The former discusses it with the latter and they jointly set the fee.

What is Upwork in Terms of Functionality?

So, what is Upwork benefit-wise? Here’s a small list of ways to earn money on Upwork for freelancers:

  • Talent Marketplace
  • Project Catalog
  • Invitations from clients who liked the portfolio
  • Consultations

It requires a 10% fee from all new contracts signed, as they provide project management tools, payment protection, and job boards. They offer a firm’s fee calculator to help determine the final payment amount. But there are a few more things to consider prior to Upwork registration.

Payment protection is its most valuable feature that attracts both customers and workers. If the employer is unscrupulous and does not pay for the work, he gets banned from the platform, and the freelancer receives full or partial payment, depending on the case. If the situation is reversed, similar measures are applied to the freelancer.

Upwork Registration as a Freelancer Explained

Ready to start as a freelancer on Upwork? This short guide is at your service:

  1. Choose a Google/Apple account or e-mail to sign up for Upwork.
  2. Provide your location, password, and full name.
  3. Provide your photo, job, work history, and skill tags.
  4. Highlight the projects & companies you worked in.
  5. Add phone number for verification.
  6. Review and confirm your profile.

Upwork registration is quite complicated and requires entering a lot of confidential information. Although it’s considered safe due to latest technologies for data storage and transmission, many freelancers are still not comfortable giving up their anonymity. Especially since they value independence and want to maintain it in every way possible.

Hence the urge to create a fake Upwork account. If you share this desire, use the help of SMS-Man, a service that will help you get virtual phone numbers and pass phone verification. They can also be valuable if Upwork is banned where you live. Below is an overview on this technology.

Upwork Registration as a Freelancer Explained

Can I create an Upwork Profile without a Phone Number?

Virtual Phone Number is a special online service that allows you to get an anonymous phone number for registration. You can use it to complete your registration on Upwork and other websites and applications.

SMS-man offers virtual phone numbers for rent for up to 3 months or for one-time use. The only difference is that leased phone numbers are long term and can receive more than one SMS message. While the one-time option can be used only once, after which it becomes invalid.

virtual phone number for upwork

If you need a fake account on Upwork, follow our step-by-step instructions:

  1. Go to, then register and enter your account.
  2. Refill your balance with some money.
  3. Select “Buy SMS” on the main page.
  4. Select country and Upwork as your service.
  5. Find your phone number for in the history section, and copy it.
  6. Enter it during the registration process, then wait for the SMS.
  7. Then, go back to SMS-man and click ” Receive SMS ” button.
  8. Complete the registration using the verification code.

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