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How to Use Wink Dating App without a Phone Number?

How to Use Wink Dating App without a Phone Number?

What is Wink, first of all? Wink is a social network service that lets you find new friends through a pleasant mobile application with many valuable sections. According to the development team, Wink is rather a contact finder app with chatting options than a dating service.

As a powerful part of your contact search, Wink provides many features ranging from swiping with different ways to like a person, to internal coins, premium account status, profile customization, privacy settings on the Wink dating app & more. 

What is Wink

Wink Dating App Benefits

Although its functions can certainly be used for dating, Wink says it’s a social network letting visitors make friends in a fun, easy, safe, and borderless atmosphere. The app allows users to swipe through millions of profiles and leave different emojis if they find a match. The matchmaking is fast, so there’s no problem finding people.

Now, what is Wink personalization? They allow users to upload up to 6 photos on their profile, as well as choose a country, interests, bio, make a voice intro, and even customize profile colors. There are many ways for expression, so the developers have published rules & guidelines, like no underwear, guns, or explicit content in the pictures.

Wink Features

So, Wink is not a dating app like Tinder, where users often share provocative profile pictures publicly. Here, the customer service team and admins are careful to leave no potentially offensive photos on the platform and encourage users to adhere to these rules. What is Wink doing for this, aside from adding the rules?

They run Avatar chats where two people can reveal one another as they communicate, while not being afraid of unpleasant discussions about appearances; their personalities are shown as highly customizable avatar images with different haircuts, skin tones, outfits & more.

They say, there is also a p2p messaging service with text, audio and file exchange plus voice & video calling, just like in regular online dating apps. The users can earn special gems on the Wink dating app and use them to send a friend request to someone new, return to the previous user in matchmaking and buy profile backgrounds.

Endless swiping, unlimited reverts in matchmaking and some weekly boosts can also be obtained through the Wink+ subscription service, purchased for a year, month or week. However you feel about Wink, this app is versatile and worth registering. 

Wink App

What is Wink Registration?

How to register? For starters, download it on IOS and Android and open Wink app. You will see the pleasant welcome page with two login options: via Google and Mobile phone data. The former needs moments to complete, while the latter is subject to this stepwise guide:

  • Pick a country
  • Add & verify the number
  • Specify your birthdate
  • Set your residential country
  • Identify your gender
  • Add a profile pic
  • Pick who you wanna meet (guys/girls/all), preferred age categories & if you’re a global or country-wide searcher

After the registration, you will be able to use the Wink dating app with no limitations. You can change settings of the last step anytime, but not birthdate and gender. Plus you must be 13+ years old to use Wink, which is understandable.

The mobile data is used for verification purposes. This requirement lets Wink’s development team separate bots, fake accounts & rogue users, which is good for security. However, what is Wink really doing to achieve maximum user security? 

Security is Wink’s top priority. The service makes every effort to improve registration procedures, user preferences, technological scanning, real-life moderation and user reporting mechanisms. This prevents data leaks, bullying, sexual exploitation, pornography, etc.

They don’t publicly disclose the mobile data, yet store it on Wink’s servers. It is, therefore, hackable. You don’t want to compromise privacy on the Wink dating app, so consider the workaround registration options, like mobile numbers, made via online services.

How to Open Wink App Account Anonymously?

Virtual phone number is a cutting-edge technology whose mission is to replace traditional phone numbers that need your physical presence and SIM card to obtain. Made via cloud, they can be used to complete accounts in most apps, including a Wink account.

You won’t need to share confidential information to get these. Plus, they’re dirt-cheap, with a mere dollar enough to rent one for a short period or purchase a verification message, able to complete the binding of a number to Wink.

virtual phone number for wink

You can buy a virtual phone number to register, this is easy:

  1. Join SMS-man or sign in using a Google+ account.
  2. Find the ‘top up’ option at the top, deposit some money.
  3. Select the country and service for the number.
  4. Click ‘buy SMS’, get the phone number for Wink.
  5. Use the product during registration.
  6. Return to SMS-man to receive the verification code.
  7. Click ‘receive SMS’ near the purchased number.

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