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How to Create a WalletHub Account without a Phone Number?

Create a WalletHub Account without a Phone Number

WalletHub is a provider of online services from the United States of America. Their main focus is on credit score tracking, which enables countless users to monitor their credit reputation. Proper management of this financial aspect increases the amount of available lending options.

It’s an American service that operates for Americans. During the WalletHub sign up process, a new user is asked to provide personal info. For users outside the US, the service is denied. One way the provider verifies this detail is through phone number info, but there are other measures, too.

WalletHub Benefits & Features

So, what is WalletHub feature-wise? The provider offers diverse financial services aimed at offering guidance and managing capabilities to responsible citizens. The main focus is credit score, which financial institutions use to determine client trustworthiness. A poor score means less chance of receiving a loan.

wallethub app

WalletHub helps increase the chance by:

  • Providing live monitoring of the credit score from open sources.
  • Offering learning materials about credit responsibility.
  • Hosting tools for improving and managing credit score.
  • Facilitating the comparison of various credit products (cards, loans, etc.)

The result is supposed to be a healthier financial well-being for WalletHub users. Credit score can be easily tanked, and remedying it takes time and understanding. The service offers both tools and knowledge for the task. It’s possible to increase the reputation piecemeal with the proper set of instruments, small-time credit products and discipline.

WalletHub isn’t a provider of financial of fiscal services. Instead, it’s an app that provides extensive information on the user’s credit situation. It’s an invaluable asset, considering that the first step towards a calmer debt background is analyzing it. A WalletHub account offers all this, and more.

WalletHub Registration Process

To register, new users need to provide some personal information that includes full name, residential address, email and phone number.

Thus, a phone number for WalletHub is required for account verification, but it is also important to provide accurate information to obtain an accurate credit profile. The service is not available to non-Americans, so the system excludes such users based on location, checking against bank databases and phone number information.

Phone numbers can be obtained from outside the United States, but it is best to use a American phone number. This provides additional security for your WalletHub account and prevents hacking attempts. It also helps prevent duplicate accounts from appearing in the system.

You do not have to have a phone number or email address to use WalletHub. You can sign up with fictitious information and it will not affect your efficiency. Using a fake email address is easy, but using a fake phone number can be more complicated. The easiest way is to buy a virtual number, which is affordable, effective and reliable.

Why Do I Need Virtual Phone Numbers?

So, why do you need fake phone numbers? It’s not a bad idea to use one when registering, unless it’s crucial to your experience. Phone numbers are sensitive, and giving them to every app can be risky. WalletHub takes security seriously, but it’s best to be cautious.

Plus, getting a dedicated virtual number for registrations can spare your main phone from marketing spam and annoying calls.

Virtual Numbers for WalletHub

What are virtual numbers, and what is WalletHub like with them? Virtual numbers are a piece of cloud tech — functional, complete phone numbers separate from any device or hardware.

Online providers such as SMS-Man offer one-time and long-term rentals of virtual phone numbers from 181 different countries. They are great for registration, and you can receive messages on them like regular numbers without raising suspicion. Each message (or the entire rented number) is very cheap. For example, you can get a verification code from WalletHub for as little as $0.5.

virtual phone number for wallethub

To do it, follow the instructions:

  1. Open and register an account.
  2. Find the “Top up my balance” option in the menu on the left and make a deposit.
  3. Select your mobile operator country and “WalletHub” application.
  4. Then, click “buy SMS” to add the phone number to your order history.
  5. Find the “History” section and copy it for future use.
  6. Start the WalletHub registration process and enter all the required information, including your phone number.
  7. Wait for the system to send you a verification code, then go back to SMS-man to retrieve it.
  8. Then, click “receive SMS” and enter the received code to complete the registration.

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