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How to Create SeaGM Account without a Phone Number?

Create SeaGM Account without a Phone Number

What is Seagm? Seagm is a marketplace that allows you to purchase digital goods like video game currencies or game cards. The service offers the best conditions for gamers who want to save on costs but still have a pleasant gaming experience.

Marketplace is not the only offering. There’s an entire ecosystem, including Seagm credits, mobile recharge & more. Alongside these features, Seagm boasts millions of visitors mostly from Asia/America, attracted by the clear answer to “What is Seagm?”, which will be explored below.

What is Seagm? 

What is Seagm? 

One of Seagm’s major offerings is the gift cards that contain different awards used in games or apps: premium currency, skins, premium account status, paid-for stuff, access codes for games, etc. The contents depend on particular games/services from the reigns of music, gaming, video streaming, to name a few.

The users can replenish their balance in mobile games and apps via Seagam. Just choose the service, add identification data, load money, confirm the Seagm code, and receive the virtual currency on the balance. The payment amount is a bit smaller than through the top-up option in the game.

Seagm partners up with 550+ providers of SIM tariffs and phone numbers that support 160+ national codes. They let users recharge their mobile balance and pay for the bundles by using a simple procedure: add the number information and the required amount, confirm the Seagm code and finalize the payment.

Their offerings include Seagm Credits, a domestic virtual currency pegged to MYR and used to buy all products on the platform. You can automatically convert currencies, such as US dollars, to MYR, or directly add them, and then get credits at a rate of 1 MYR to 100 credits. 

What is Seagm doing to maintain the payment procedure? Seagm supports a lot of money processing systems, including PayPal, PaySafe.card, EPS, GiroPay, RoboBank, American Express, etc. Some of them may not be available for particular games or services. 

The developers have done a great job of building and maintaining Seagm’s services and products. The result – partnerships with numerous services, millions of unique users, and support on PCs and IOS & Android-based devices. The only point that raises questions is the registration of a Seagamer account, highlighted below.

Seagamer Account

Seagamer Account Registration Explained

The Seagm registration includes two phases. First, you specify any email addressб press a link from the verification letter, which will lead you further. Then add your full name, password, country and phone number, used for ‘verification purposes’.

Providing real information deprives you of anonymity. Fortunately, no one tells you whether the information you provide is real or fictitious. You just want the account to work and accept the Seagm code message. That said, they can get by without your main number, name, and email address.

You can enter automatically generated data, the system will accept it. Email addresses can be generated via services like Temp Mail or Guerilla Mail. You can enter any name because no one will check it for authenticity anyway. The virtual numbers will help fake the phone number info. 

How the Virtual Phone Numbers Work?

Virtual phone numbers work thanks to special software that avoids the need for physical SIM cards. That said, this number can be created in any location covered by the Internet and used for Seagm sign up. Plus, no special gadgets & IT skills are needed to manage these numbers, as they’re totally user-friendly.

Legally speaking, there is no danger in using cloud-made virtual numbers. Partly because no one has figured out how to track them, as there’s no trace and confusion of systems. No one but the provider can be affected. 

Specific capabilities depend on the provider, but they often accept calls and verification SMS messages like a Seagm code for phone confirmation. SMS-Man offers numbers that support nation codes from 190+ countries and text-only verifications for 1000+ services.

Virtual Numbers for Seamgm Sign up

SMS-Man offers two categories of virtual numbers. One of them allows you to receive only one SMS message, after which the phone number will be disconnected. The second way offers to rent it for up to 4 months with the ability to receive unlimited text messages. This way, they accept confirmation messages to create an account with one service – for example, a Seagamer account.

virtual phone number from sms man

So, let’s see how to use a virtual phone number for geristration:

  1. Visit the SMS-Man official website.
  2. Register & enter your account
  3. Deposit money via the ‘top up’ feature.
  4. Pick the service “SeaGM” and country to buy a virtual phone number.
  5. Find the bought number in your profile, copy it.
  6. Then, use the phone number during registration.
  7. At the verification stage, return to SMS-Man & press “receive SMS” near your order.
  8. Use the Seagm code to complete the account.

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