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How to Create Oracle Account without a Phone Number?

Create Oracle Account without a Phone Number

What is Oracle? It is today’s largest software developer along with Microsoft and IBM and also a manufacturer of server hardware. By registering an account in the system, companies and private developers get access to the DBMS, the main Oracle’s product. In addition, they will be able to use a wide range of business applications for various needs and middleware.

Moreover, since 2013 Oracle has been a leading cloud computing provider. The company supplies organizations with applications using the SaaS, PaaS and IaaS models.


Capabilities & Features of Oracle Products

Here are just a few points on how organizations can benefit from the use of Oracle products:

  • Using a DBMS, companies can create the structure of a new database, fill it with content, edit it and display information. DBMS-19 is even available in the cloud.
  • The Java Development Kit (JDK) provides users with a set of tools for development in the Java language. It contains the components necessary to program in this language. It allows you to compile, that is, “assemble,” and run the written code.
  • E-Business Suite. With this set of applications, Oracle account holders can use Oracle ERP, as well as Oracle CRM and the Oracle E-Hub electronic sales management system.
  • EPM allows users to model and plan finance, human resources, supply chains and sales, optimize financial close processes and make informed decisions.
  • With the use of Oracle HCM, you get access to a broad set of practices and applications used to recruit, manage, and develop an organization’s human capital. This system supports and automates core HR processes such as benefits management, time tracking, payroll and other workflows.
  • Analytics. With business applications for analytics from Oracle, organizations gain self-service, managed analytics for data preparation, visualization, advanced analytics, and natural language processing. With the use of Oracle tool, companies around the world can gain valuable insights faster, make more accurate forecasts and optimize business results.
  • And much more.

Oracle Cloud Option

Organizations usually locate their corporate computing resources — servers, storage, databases, networks, software, etc. — locally, at their office computers and physical servers. However, they can significantly benefit from migrating all or part of the company’s computing resources to Oracle Cloud infrustructure. It may be a reasonable decision depending on the current needs of your business.

Oracle Cloud Option

Here is what companies will receive:

  • Significantly increase productivity.
  • Reduce the cost of purchasing and maintaining physical equipment because the provider will handle it.
  • Ensure an incomparably higher level of corporate data security.
  • Get the opportunity to scale multiple times much easier and cheaper and use innovative solutions.

In addition, with the use of Oracle cloud infrastructure, the company will get maximum flexibility and adaptability when working in a dynamic business environment. In the cloud, you can develop and connect additional services and exchange data in a secure environment. Moreover, you will receive additional monitoring and analytics from the provider.

Oracle supports any type of workload and offers three types of highly secure clouds to choose from: public, private, and hybrid.

Oracle Account Registration & Verification

When registering in Oracle Cloud, users receive a 30-day trial access to all applications with a $300 credit. Moreover, they will have “eternal” access to applications from the “Always Free” category. During the trial period, users have access to limited Oracle Support — they pay for it with credits.

Once the trial period is over, users will need to upgrade to a paid version to access Oracle Support.

When registering a paid account, sign-in credentials and unique URLs for the platform products you have ordered are sent to the email ID specified in the registration form. The one whose email ID was specified becomes an account administrator and can create users for anyone else. The administrator role can also be delegated. The administrator role can also be delegated. You can read more about the process of creating and managing accounts by checking Oracle’s documentation.

As for the verification process, you can confirm your company’s accounts by email or a phone number. You will receive either a link by email or an SMS message with a confirmation code, which you must enter in the confirmation form on the screen.

Since Oracle openly states about selling users personal data to third parties for advertising purposes, it may be wise not to give your actual credentials such as an email and phone number but fabricate them.

If you prefer phone number verification, instead of your actual phone number, you can use a one-time virtual number for this purpose. These phone numbers are very helpful for Oracle registration, if you do not have time for obtaining a reserve SIM-card.

For less than $1 and 10–15 minutes you can get a confirmation code for registration and verification purposes.

virtual phone number

How to Create Oracle Account without a Phone Number?

SMS-man has been a provider of virtual phone numbers for receiving confirmation codes for over 7 years. You can choose from 180+ countries to register in 1000+ platforms such as social networks, messengers, delivery apps, taxi apps, etc.

  1. Register an account at via email or social media.
  2. Add funds to account balance by entering the “Top Up” tab in the left-side menu.
  3. To receive a single confirmation code for an Oracle account verification, go to the “Receive SMS” tab.
  4. Select the country (US) and find the service (Oracle) in the service search bar. Click “Buy SMS”.
  5. Find the purchased number in the “History” section under the selection options and use it for Oracle.
  6. After that, return to your SMS-man profile and receive a confirmation code by clicking “Receive SMS” near the number.
  7. Finalize verification by applying it.

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