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How to Create CNET Account without a Phone Number?

Create CNET Account without a Phone Number

CNET is a media outlet that covers topics related to technology, science, business,  marketing & more to help you navigate today’s ever-changing world. Once you register a CNET login, you can get empowered with knowledge about cutting-edge human advancements to make decisions what to do & buy next.

Highly experienced experts prepare their content and diversify it by various genres, including news, stories, advice, how-to guides, etc. Whether you’re a technical nerd or just curious, you’re sure to find whatever matches your interests.

What is CNET

What is CNET? A Closer Look

The service operates on mobile or browsers with seemingly similar functionality, design, and content fulfillments. The users can register one CNET login to use its platforms. Along with English, the website has Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Korean, and Spanish versions.

CNET reporters cover all major events, from device launches, trade shows to speeches by people from the most attention-grabbing areas of the industry and then publish them on their resources. To check their job, one can open CNET website, download the mobile application, listen to podcasts, or subscribe to social media.

The website has 40+ genres of articles, podcasts, guides, tutorials and other forms of content that cater to diverse audiences, from businessmen to scientists. You can view the menu directly on the site’s home page where they also publish new materials regularly.

What is CNET doing with the podcasts? This is a huge part of their content, involving tech professionals, renowned scientists, heads of companies to bring thoughtful storytelling to user’s ears in a relaxed manner. Hundreds of podcasts are available at CNET’s Spotify, Apple Music & Google Podcasts.

The results are 67M monthly visitors, 90M monthly video views & 14M+ social media followers. These numbers illustrate that CNET is a reliable service to navigate present events that have already left an indelible mark on the future. So you’ve learned, ‘What is CNET used for’, let’s check out its registration.


How to Login CNET Account?

CNET offers a simple registration procedure involving you entering your email address, mobile phone number, and a pass phrase. You don’t need to provide any additional identity proof. Just verify these details to comment on articles and read them beyond the extent set by the admins. 

The email and mobile data is needed for increased security measures such as two-factor authentication that makes extra sure nobody but you can access your CNET account. That’s an impressive level of security, perhaps too impressive for a news distribution website like CNET.

Whatever they need this information for, there’s no point for you to submit it. This is the number one rule of Internet security, as nobody can make sure their anonymity is safe providing the data pointing to their geographical location, living address, contact details, etc.

Plus, the system doesn’t need it anyway. They can send notifications about news on email or phone number, and increase your CNET login security, but they are not crucial for operation; you will be able to check the website’s contents, avoiding the submission of the email, or main phone number. What to submit then?

Virtual Phone Numbers for CNET Account

Virtual numbers are like regular ones, but they use cloud software that needs no SIM documentation or information regarding your location. They’re highly stable & anonymous due to these features, making them great for CNET account registration. Sadly, they don’t have calling options, supporting only text messages.

They are suitable for enjoyers of internet anonymity because they leave no trace in the web space. Applications do not recognize what type of number you enter, just like the regulatory structures of different countries. Shortly, you are 100% safe using this product.

How to obtain these cutting edge products? Search for web-based providers like SMS-Man who usually sell verification messages for purchase or entire numbers for rental. Both are fit for CNET login setup, but a message can register you in one app, while a number is fit for many apps.

virtual phone number

The choice is yours. A one-time message will probably help you get one account. Here’s the guide:

  1. Go to, register, or enter using an existing Google+ account.
  2. Click on the ‘top up’ button at the top of the screen, then deposit some funds.
  3. Select the country and service to buy a one-off verification code.
  4. Press ‘buy SMS’ near the required service button.
  5. Find the number in the history of recent requests.
  6. Enter this number during the CNET account registration.
  7. Return to, click ‘receive SMS’ in your profile.
  8. Use the received code to register the account.

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