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How to Create Caixa Bank Account without a Phone Number?

Create Caixa Bank Account without a Phone Number

Do you want to login Caixa and access the bank’s features, but using your real phone number seems doubtful to you because you’re worried about data breaches? In the article, we’ll tell you how to bypass this requirement, and also explore the online banking functionality of the Caixa Bank.

What is Caixa Bank?

It’s one of the largest banks in Spain and Portugal that, among other things, provides loans to legal entities and individuals and a wide range of insurance services.

The bank is part of the Caixa Bank Group. In 2021, the company also acquired the Spanish bank Bankia, and clients of this bank are now served by Caixa. To date, the Spanish bank has more than 20 million customers — both individuals and organizations, has 4,500 branches and more than 12,000 ATMs in Spain.

You can open Caixa Bank account online on the website or via a mobile app for iOS and Android-driven devices. If you prefer physical interaction, you can visit any of the bank’s branches.

Now, let’s explore what personal and business banking features the bank offers to the customers.

CaixaBank account

What is Caixa Bank Now for Individuals?

Among other features, it provides:

  • Digital account. Managing your financial operations within one place — accounts, cards, receipts, investments, insurance, loans, etc.
  • Cards for various purposes. The bank issues numerous types of cards for shopping, travel and other purposes — with different conditions, beneficial discounts, and loyalty programs.
  • Insurance. By registering a Caixa Bank account, you can obtain a comprehensive life insurance service or its individual areas — health, real estate, vehicles, savings, etc.
  • Deposit options. With Caixa Bank, you can also consider a few programs for savings and depositing your funds into fixed deposits.
  • Investments. The bank allows you to find a suitable investment fund and invest directly from your application.

In addition, you can delegate the management of your investment portfolio to a professional team — this is a separate service for Caixa Bank account holders.

If you login Caixa in the application, you will also have access to account management using the built-in chat bot Noa — it understands both text and voice commands.

Moreover, the bank offers a special banking program for non-Spanish people living in Spain. It’s called HolaBank. It focuses on providing financial services to foreigners including home mortgages and helping them settle life in Spain.

What is Caixa Bank Now for Business?

The main Caixa Bank Now’s features for companies include:

  • Within the Caixa Bank app, you can manage financial operations of your company including:
  • Checking your national and international accounts and the total balance
  • Sending receipts, entering checks, and making transfers.
  • Paying bills and taxes of your company.
  • Learning about the latest transactions in your main account.
  • Finding out about current operations and signing the operations.

Also, when you login Caixa for organizations, you can also set up digital signatures to authorize your company’s online transactions using the special Caixa Bank Sign application.

For the Caixa Bank account holders, the bank also offers special tailored solutions for boosting companies in Real Estate & Homes, Hotels & Tourism and other sectors.

So, how can you register a Caixa Bank account? Let’s see.

Caixa app

Caixa Bank Account Online Registration Tips

To register an account with Caixa Bank online and start using online banking services, you need to provide the service with:

  • Personal data, such us first and last name, residential address, TIN, etc.
  • Valid passport or your country’s valid ID.
  • Documents confirming your employment — you can find lists of necessary documentation for employees of organizations and self-employed people on the website.

Next, to continue registering your Caixa Bank Account, you will need to confirm your identity using a video: first, show your passport or ID from the front side so that the data is visible, reverse the document to the back side, and then pronounce the code that you’ll see on the screen. In some cases, the bank also allows you to bypass photo-validation using a photo.

After verification, you will receive a generated Identifier by email, which you will use in the future to login Caixa — along with the password (PIN) that you specified during registration.

Phone Number for Caixa Authorization

In addition, since the bank provides financial services, it operates in accordance with PSD2 industry standards. And this means that you will also need to protect your account and all the operations you make — including online purchases — using two-factor authentication.

Two-factor authentication (or 2FA) is a security setting that involves verifying a user’s identity using two unrelated types of identification called “factors.” The first factor for your Caixa Bank account authentication is the password (PIN). As a second factor, the service uses either your digital signature (in the Caixa Bank Sign application) or an SMS code.

This way, if a cybercriminal manages to get your password, you still have an additional layer of protection — and they won’t be able to gain access to your account and data within. Here is why a phone number for Caixa is required.

However, if you do not want to use your personal phone number for these purposes, since today it is not very reasonable to store your passport and mobile phone data in the same web database, you can purchase a virtual phone number from SMS-Man for these purposes.

It will cost you $0.33, being enough to receive an SMS message and authorize your operations within Caixa Bank.

How to Create a Caixa Bank Account without a Phone Number?

SMS-Man has been providing virtual phone numbers from 156+ countries for SMS-registration and verification for over 7 years. We support over 1000 global services and applications.

These virtual numbers are not tied to any physical devices as regular SIM-cards and require no extra equipment. Moreover, the platform where you’re using it can see no difference as if you were utilizing an actual mobile number.

In addition to registering accounts such as a Caixa Bank account, you can also use such virtual phone numbers to log in a platform or application that are blocked in your area or accept only local phone numbers. Also, you can use them for setting up multiple accounts.

virtual phone number for caixa

So, how can you register Caixa Bank with SMS-Man? Let’s see:

  1. Create an account at via email or social media account.
  2. Deposit funds to your account balance — the minimal replenishment amount is $10.
  3. After that, to rent a disposable phone number for Caixa, open the tab “Receive SMS” and choose a required country — try out Germany first.
  4. Then find “CAIXA” in the service search bar and click “Buy SMS” to the right.
  5. Scroll down to ‘History’ and copy it to apply for Caixa Bank authorization.
  6. Then return to your SMS-Man profile and request for an SMS code by clicking “Receive SMS” near the phone number.
  7. Use the code to complete your Caixa Bank account authorization.

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