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Can I Create OpenPoint Account without a Phone Number?

OpenPoint app

What is OpenPoint? OpenPoint is a Taiwanese software for processing payment operations within the country. The application lets you store, transfer money, and accumulate bonus points when buying new products. You can also get discounts for using OpenPoint in most apps and stores in Taiwan.

The application is widespread among the locals but not the international community. It means that you must submit a Taiwanese mobile number to register an account here, but there is an option. Check out the guide below to see what is OpenPoint offering to customers.

what is openpoint

How to Use the OpenPoint App?

Its users can link the wallet to debit or credit accounts at most Taiwanese banks to store, transfer and withdraw money. Customers can pay off loans, pay taxes, utility or internet bills and make small payments. The wallet also offers redemption and discount coupons for different product categories.

They introduced the iCash Pay feature, allowing all OpenPoin app users to make instant payments with a virtual card. People can pay in restaurants, stores, museums, taxi apps, delivery services and similar locations. So, OpenPoint is widely integrated within the country’s digital landscape

OpenPoint allows people to accumulate bonus points for paying through the app. They can be used to save on later payments at marketplaces, online services and retail outlets that support the OpenPoin bonus program, including 7-Eleven, Kang Shimei, Carrefour, and so on.

By the way, what does OpenPoint do to provide budget monitoring? The application collects transaction data for a certain period of time and shows it to the user, who can also set up push notifications when bills are due. 

The service operates on IOS and Android, but it also has a website with corporate information, blog, etc. You should enable auto-translation because they only support Chinese language. If that’s not a problem for you, let’s check out the OpenPoint app registration requirements for new visitors.

How to Use the OpenPoint App

What is OpenPoint Registration Like?

OpenPoint will ask you to create an account by entering your personal phone number and coming up with a password. A code will be sent to confirm the number. This data lets you restore the password if you forgot it.

You can optionally add personal data if you haven’t done it when signing up:

  • Full Name
  • Banking Information
  • Residential Address
  • Email 

A mobile number is needed to verify an account during the OpenPoint sign up process, but it also helps them confirm your identity. Non-Taiwanese users are not allowed on the app, they are banished from the app’s ecosystem as it is focused on catering to local needs.

The number can be issued by other Asian countries, but the Taiwanese one is the best for the app. They say this information can help improve protection and find those who violate the national law or service’s TOS. Even so, it is not a good idea to link a number; false data like virtual numbers can be used on the OpenPoint app.

Why Bothering with Fake Numbers?

If you want to remain anonymous on the Internet, it is recommended not to leave traces of personal data in various services. Phone data is vulnerable to theft, spam attacks and misuse. Of course, OpenPoint cares about your privacy, and this data is not sold or published openly, but you should be careful.

Plus, your inbox will be clean of verification texts, and you won’t have to worry about scammers. Whichever way you look at them, fake numbers have no pitfalls. So, registering on the OpenPoint app with virtual phone numbers will increase your internet anonymity.

Virtual Numbers for OpenPoint Sign Up

Virtual numbers operate via high-tech software based on cloud technologies. They offer the same experience as regular numbers, except for calling options and the requirement to have a device. Fans of online security buy and rent these en masse from web-based services like SMS-Man.

They can easily receive verification messages without raising alarms from applications like OpenPoint. Whether you rent or buy one, you pay a minuscule price. Less than $1 can buy a message plus peace of mind when using this service, so you’re better off spending that money on SMS-Man. 

virtual phone number from sms man

What is OpenPoint with this product? Check this to learn:

  1. Register & log in on
  2. Refill your balance via the ‘Top Up’ option
  3. Find ‘Buy SMS’, press it.
  4. Choose a Taiwanese virtual number for OpenPoint
  5. Press ‘buy SMS’ near the required service button.
  6. Find the number in your SMS-Man profile
  7. Enter this number when asked.
  8. Check back SMS-Man, request a SMS code.
  9. Use the message & finish the process.

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