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Can I Create TanTan Account without a Phone Number?

Create TanTan Account without a Phone Number

What is TanTan? TanTan is a China-made mobile dating application aimed at Asians. The software offers most features, available at its counterparts, including swiping, online chatting, etc. The app has garnered notable recognition in the past years due to its comfortability and usefulness.

There are certain entry restrictions like the mandatory addition of phone number information. Given that China is not known for respecting personal privacy, providing a minimum of such data seems logical. How to do this? What is TanTan, essentially? Read below.

What is TanTan

How to Use the TanTan App?

TanTan’s flagship feature is a swipe section, allowing users to find other people’s profiles containing photos & hobbies. The users can swipe right to signify they like a person. If that person swipes back, a match is found and users can start a conversation.

The conversations take place in peer-to-peer chats that support pictures, text, video/voice messages, and audio & video calls. The chatting experience on TanTan app is said to be private and protected. No data is published openly. Notably, one can hide phone contacts from TanTan so that they are not suggested, and vice versa.

The number of profiles the user can see depends on the selected region & provided geographical data. Users can activate the Automatic Distance feature, which roughly shows how far away a person is. 100M+ customers have passed the registration, so one can certainly find someone here.

These features are enough for an average user. TanTan app can be a useful alternative to Tinder for users who want to find friends among Asians or in countries where they live. TanTan runs a paid subscription that increases comfort and makes the subscriber’s profile more visible.

Tantan App

Premium features include benefits such as::

  • Super Like, which increases the likelihood of a successful match.
  • Unlimited Swipes & Rewinds.
  • Option to Hide Online Status.
  • Option to Set Any Location Worldwide.
  • Faster Matchmaking.
  • Option to Set a Pseudonim.
  • Special Badge.

So what is TanTan in a nutshell? Since TanTan’s Asian lean, the app is good for finding Asian friends or soulmates, getting acclimated to their culture, and just having a good time. The platform doesn’t have a browser version, only the Android & IOS apps allow you to pass registration, explained below.

What is TanTan Registration Like?

The developers have covered this topic in the website’s “Policy” corner and described the following data required for successful account activation::

  • Mobile phone number or e-mail address.
  • Full name, gender, and profile photo.
  • Username and strong password.

Also, you can pass the signup process via Facebook, which is easier & faster, but an even bigger privacy breach. Given China’s information storage & processing rules, which involve providing your data to the government on demand, the mobile and email info requirements are alarming.

You’re better off using your data cautiously where you really need to. TanTan app is not one of those apps. Mobile & email data are not critical to its operations, so matchmaking will work without them, so there’s no need to enter real data at all when registering.

Instead of your private phone number, you can use a virtual one. Although they do not support calls, but you will be able to get a verification code via SMS and complete the process of TanTan registration.

So, what is TanTan registration with a virtual number? Let’s find out.

Virtual Phone Number for TanTan

Virtual phone numbers are phone numbers that can work over the Internet, while remaining available in any country or region. Since you don’t need a SIM card or physical presence to use them, they are very convenient and secure. So, if you need a TanTan account but don’t want to disclose your personal details, this may be the best solution.

SMS-Man platform is a provider of virtual phone numbers that are available in 156 different countries and can accept verification codes from 1000+ online services for registration.

virtual phone number for tantan

How do I get a phone number for TanTan? See below:

  1. Create a personal account at or log in to an existing one via social networks.
  2. Find the “Top up my balance” section in the left menu and make a deposit.
  3. Select your country and the TanTan app on the home page, then click “Buy SMS”.
  4. Find your virtual number in the “History” section and copy it.
  5. Use it in the registration process and wait for the confirmation code.
  6. Go back to SMS-man to get the code for TanTan.
  7. Enter it to complete account verification.

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