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Can I Create Keybase Account without a Phone Number?

Create Keybase Account without a Phone Number

What is Keybase? Keybase is a 2014-launched key directory, messaging app, and file sharing & storing service that offers increased security to its users without sacrificing speed, quality, stability & overall comfort. Moreover, the application puts the main emphasis on user safety by adding numerous mechanisms and protocols. 

Keybase positions itself as an application capable of storing/transferring data and sending messages for both individual users and groups wishing to hide their information from third parties. See below for exactly what is Keybase solution to accomplish this task.

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KeyBase Features & Benefits

Paper keys from KeyBase are a randomised word string that users attach to their accounts. For their part, they can be public and private. The former are obtained from open libraries & used across all devices connected to one account. The latter are created for a particular device & cannot be used outside. 

Besides, keys are only part of its security ecosystem. What is KeyBase apart from them? The service offers proofs — tools that a user can tie up to accounts on Twitter, GitHub, Reddit & Hacker News to prove to everyone that they are real. The proof appears in the profile’s bio section. Keybase users can set custom usernames & follow each other on the platform, which increases the credibility of their accounts

Keybase app

Security and Teams

Additionally, maximum security also extends to double-encrypted KeyBase chats, where users can share files, messages, images, geotags, bots and flips. One can block other KeyBase account owners, create p2p & group chats, find chatters by social media usernames, email or phone number. The users can turn groups into teams.

By turning a group into a team, the users get an opportunity to add/remove people. Moreover, they will be able to add channels, turning regular teams into big teams. Channels can help manage projects by serving as a news feed or a library of messages/files for different branches. Hosts can create subteams to share information privately to members of this team and invisibly to the parent team. 

What is KeyBase doing to differentiate the teams? They say, subteams are ‘cryptographically distinct’, so the host can add people who are not a part of the parent team. The entire chat history of all types of chats is unreachable by Keybase & third parties, and the users can delete it untraceably and permanently.

Plus, they support entire cloud-based file storages that offer 250GB for individuals and  100GB for teams. There are private, public and team file folders. The users can add, delete and withdraw data from there to PC & mobile devices with no hassle. Meanwhile, the storage is a part of the Kaybase account, automatically encrypted, and also unreachable by Keybase.

KeyBase Account Registration

KeyBase registration involves you specifying a phone number, e-mail and a passphrase to start using the service. It is basic and takes minutes to complete. Keybase proves a secure service that explicitly states that your data will not be sold or shared with anyone. Plus, the service was never subject to hacking, which adds to trustworthiness.

So why raise concerns? The service is used for the highest possible internet security, which prefers no trace of you, no matter the Keybase login encryption. It’s best if you’re invisible to companies. So, you better not give them your real data and to use automatically generated information. Fortunately, both email & numbers can be fabricated.

Virtual numbers can replace regular numbers, but only when registering. No calling & texting option is supported, but you can receive verification SMS to pass registration procedures in different services, including Keybase registration

Virtual Numbers for Keybase

Vendors like SMS-man sell virtual numbers in bulk, and they’re extremely cheap due to their origins and design. These numbers use cloud-based software applications, supplied by different providers from over 190 countries. You don’t need any extra info, yet the user can create an account in 1000+ apps using virtual numbers.

Furthermore, you can buy a verification message or entire virtual numbers, fit for unlimited registrations but live for up to four months.

virtual phone number from sms man

Here’s how to register via virtual phone number:

  1. Join and register an account.
  2. Find the deposit option, then add some money.
  3. Pick the country and the phone number for Keybase.
  4. Click ‘buy SMS’, add the number to your profile.
  5. Use the number when asked.
  6. Visit SMS-man and receive the verification code.
  7. Click ‘receive SMS’ near the purchased number.

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