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How to Use Boo Dating App without a Phone Number?

Boo Dating App without a Phone Number

Wanna find new friends? Try Boo! But what is Boo? This is a place for people to meet online and get some mutual respect while sharing their casual routine or some unusual things. It offers a personality type test & resource base to help its operational algorithms and new users with onboarding.

Alongside online dating, Boo offers social networking via publications in the mini-blog feed reminiscent of Twitter. There’s a chat, decent design, big networking toolbase — all covered in the following reading that answers the ‘What is Boo?’ question in detail and explores how to enter the app’s community of 10+ million.

What is Boo Dating App?

Boo makes an image of a good starter place for singles who want to reveal their inner universes. The terms “soul” & “universe” are frequent here: the former refers to users, the latter to popular topics on the mini-blog for chatter talks or bigger online discussions, like in Twitter a similar app cluster.

Universes are sorted, named & ensued on the Boo dating app by hashtags, operating pretty much like on competing social media. View the trends at home or come to the search area for specific topics without further scrolling & ado. The publications contain images, likes, forwards & comments that others can review.

Dating is accomplished via Match. This section contains user cards with their names, tags, pictures, bios, interests, liked quotes, thoughts, things. Like or text a person, or drop their card to go next. The rewinding is unlimited, so is the number of likes & messages per a user on the Boo dating app.

They have a chat funtion—find a person using matchmaking, comments & feed, text them, share pictures, video & voice, meet them offline/online. Pin, hide, and delete the chats by blocking/unmatching the other user, or make groups. Check whether the message has already been checked, & get feedback from Boo Bot if the message is rude. 

Boo Profile

A Boo account profile is good to express yourself. It’s like a digital shelf with photos, notes, bio, and favorite things that help people tell about themselves. You’re the chef, so customise the profile the way you like, but behave yourself and try not to violate the rules that Boo and its community have developed to moderate themselves.

What’s also present on Boo is the personality resource section, hiding a massive amount of information on Myers-Briggs typology, zodiacs, enneagrams, introverts, extroverts—everything looks quite transparent. There is the celebrity & fiction characters database on the Boo dating app, showing their types in simple graphics, useful both for a teen or adult.

You can pass their inbuilt personality testing to find out your type and any discrepancy about your perception of your mentality and that of their test. Visit their FAQ area with Boo giving 100+ questions & answers, use the service in 49 languages & register seamlessly & anonymously after checking the further part of the reading!

Boo Dating Profile

Signing up at Boo Dating App

You can use Google or email. If you choose the latter, add the address and visit your inbox to find a letter with a guide on what you should do to finish Boo registration. The signing up by Google is smooth & easy, too, so you do the choosing. Disregarding the account finishing, you’ll need one more thing to start.

They say, a verification is required to use the chatting. The reason for account verification lies in data safety measures taken for overall stability. To complete this procedure, add your mobile phone data, check the phone’s inbox, find the SMS message, confirm the code in the Boo dating app

SMS-man says, don’t share your private information unless you really need to. The dating apps are wonderful targets for hack, spam, fishing, name a few. Use bypass options available on countless services over the Internet. Among the newest options is the virtual phone numbers with any nation codes.

Boo Sign Up with a Virtual Phone Number

A virtual number will help you create a Boo account similar to a regular SIM card, but you will not leave any trace of you in the internet space. You can get a phone number from any nationwide carrier you deem fit for your purposes, and don’t have to worry about fines or blocking during the registration and profile verification procedure on the dating app.

SMS-man offers virtual numbers for rent or for one-time registration. The latter option is better suited for the Boo account verification procedure, as you will only need one SMS confirmation.

virtual phone number from sms man

What is verification in Boo with a virtual number? Let’s see:

  1. Firstly, open, register and log in.
  2. Go to the “Top up my balance” tab and make a deposit.
  3. Click on “Get SMS”, then select your country and Boo App.
  4. Click on “Buy SMS”, then find the phone number in the history section and copy it.
  5. Start registration with dating app using your virtual phone number.
  6. Go back to SMS-Man and click ”Receive SMS” to view your verification code.
  7. Enter the code to complete your registration.

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