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How to Use Shopkick without a Phone Number?

How to Use Shopkick without a Phone Number

Rewarding apps have grown popular lately. They let you trade your time by watching videos, visiting shops, downloading other apps, etc. for internal points, convertible into real money-worth vouchers. Shopkick is among them.

What is Shopkick? It’s a budgeting application allowing you to earn rewards in the form of digital gift cards valid in online/physical shops. You complete simple assignments: watch third-party video, visit a store, purchase something, etc.


What is Shopkick?

How does Shopkick work? Upon downloading the app on IOS/Android, create an account, pick a task from the list, finish it, and obtain some ‘kicks’ that you can use later for digital cards. There are six ways to get profits while using the app:

  • Visit stores within the app’s list. They have a broad number of shops they simply offer to visit, not anything else.
  • Make a barcode scan of certain products within a store; scanning outside doesn’t work.
  • Buy things & scan the bill in the app. This is the most profitable option. What is Shopkick bringing as an underwater rock here? Some bills & products, although a part of the list, are hard to recognize for the app.
  • Link the Visa & Mastercard data to the account to get rewarded for every dollar spent at participating stores.
  • Visit affiliate marketplace platforms through Shopkick & purchase things there. 
  • Check short advertisements & entertainment videos prepared by partnering channels/companies.

Each activity yields “kicks” — internal currency converted into digital coupons, the Shopkick code pieces applicable at online & nearby shops, including Target, Walmart, Macy’s, Amazon, Lowe’s, etc. 

The Discover area features DIY videos, tops, product selections, things. These videos are entertaining, you’re sure to find interesting ones. Watching them doesn’t take much time but brings fewer points compared to other activities.

The app rewards you for casual shopping, a good option for savings, given that 1$ equals 250 points, which you can earn quickly. If it suits you, consider the account registration requirements, nuances & options covered below.

shopkick app

How to Register Shopkick Account?

Shopkick account signup is quite fast yet data-consuming, with the name, birthday, gender, contact email, password & zip code needed to finish the registration. They will ask for phone submission via SMS. Additional options include signing up via Google & Facebook, so you do the choosing.

Why do they request so much data? The answer lies in security requirements plus the need to know your location and be able to contact you. A large layer of organizations & users do not understand why applications need this data and wonder, what is Shopkick doing with it? 

If you haven’t got a clue, too, you can fake certain data without unwanted questions from the application. Among them is the SIM number required for Shopkick verification. You just need an SMS, hence a spare inactive number or a virtual number can be used instead.

Virtual numbers work stably and untraceably. SMS-Man sells them for a very affordable price so that you can register Shopkick profile seamlessly. 

How to Get a Shopkick Verification without a Phone Number?

Virtual number is info that works apart from mobile devices, geographical locations, SIM cards, documents, etc. They don’t need it due to cloud-based software, used as the basis of their operation. Plus, they can have the codes of most nations globally.

When filled in during registration of a Shopkick account, for instance, these numbers get the treatment of regular data, meaning no questions asked by the app. That being said, these numbers are great for anonymous registration wherever you like.

virtual phone number

The functionality of a number depends on its vendor. SMS-Man offers virtual phone numbers for rental or one-time SMS activation. The latter type expires after the first verification, the former is reusable. If you need one Shopkick code for verification, try the one-off product. Here is how:

  • Register on using your social media.
  • Replenish your balance via the ‘top up’ option above. 
  • Choose ‘Buy SMS’ button.
  • Select the nation & application, press ‘Buy SMS’.
  • Spot the number in your profile.
  • Copy it, use while registering.
  • During the confirmation, get back to SMS-Man, pick ‘Get SMS’.

Tap the button to register Shopkick profile.

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