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Can I Create Feeld Profile without a Phone Number?

Create Feeld Profile without a Phone Number

Alright, what is Feeld, for the start? Feeld is a crowdsourcing & networking platform whose mission is to unite people who want genuine communication with like-minded people, love, and sexual relationships. The application has been alive for a while, and it offers a large user base, a broad collection of valuable features, and a high level of genuine comfort.

Launched in 2014 in the United Kingdom, Feeld is noticeably biased towards sexual relationships rather than just friendship, with numerous respective search filters. The platform is free to use, but there are plenty of paid-for features to improve your experience on the Feeld dating app.

what is Feeld

How to Use Feeld Dating App?

For starters, some metrics. Feeld ranks sixth by downloads in the United States, most users are based there. It has 2 million connections a month; 45% of its users are not straight, though the actual number of authorized accounts is unknown. Two-thirds of Feeld users are single. Plus, there are 20 specifications by gender and sexuality. These numbers show how Feeld is mainly used.

The app calls itself a dating app for curious people, open to new relationships and interactions with people. However, they don’t call themselves a hookup place. Feeld dating app is for swiping & liking suggested people based on their profile pictures, location, age, declared interests & gender preferences.

When a user finds a match, they can proceed to p2p chats, where both parties can share pictures, text, audio & video messages and eventually set a meeting. There are also groups with the same functions available for multiple users. All chats are screenshot-protected, meaning that no user can leak somebody’s private details shared on the Feeld dating app.

Feeld is accessible for free on IOS and Android, but there are paid-for functions hidden in the so-called Majestic Membership subscription. They comprise reports on who liked the member, one Ping a day, and unlimited likes. The subscription is not mandatory, one can get by without buying it.

The platform offers advanced settings that let the customers adjust the privacy and general experience on Feeld to their expectations. So, what is Feeld like for newly registered users? This is an app for clear-minded, free users who have grown emotionally and physically. So, why not register? Let’s view the process below.

How to Use Feeld Dating App

What is Feeld Registration Like?

First of all, you must be 18 years old to access the app. The corresponding requirement will be imputed on your first time entering the app, as well as whether to send notifications to your phone or not. Then, the app will suggest three options to complete the Feeld profile registration process:

  • Apple Account
  • Facebook Account
  • Email address

Disregarding what you choose, the next steps will be birth date confirmation, adding your name, gender preferences, desires & fantasies, and up to six profile pictures, Surely, the Apple & Facebook registration is much easier and faster, but the email address ensures more containable spread of personal information.

When you make a new Feeld account through the email contact, you must provide the relevant address plus an active mobile number. After this, you can pass the aforementioned confirmations. The application doesn’t say which type of information is fit for registering: faked or real. You can validate the email & phone data using the substitute information.

Both the email and number can be fabricated by web platforms that, for a small fee, can create untraceable, registrable information. The substitute for numbers is called a virtual phone number. This is a recent solution using cloud technology to get rid of SIMs or hard devices. You can pass Feeld registration with it, and the app will never know.

Feeld Registration Made with Online Numbers

The cloud-made numbers are highly anonymous data because they don’t reveal your physical location or disclose identity. You can purchase a number of almost any nation on the planet. They’re affordable for most people, with<1 USD more than OK for a single number. Normally, you acquire one-time numbers or lease them.

SMS-man is a highly established distributor of online numbers that lets you create an account for 1000+ services, including a new Feeld account. Their numbers don’t support the calling feature, but you won’t need, as Feeld needs SMS confirmation.

SMS man service

The best option for one account is a single number, here are the guidelines to obtain it:

  1. Join SMS-man with a new or Google+ account.
  2. Click ‘top up’ and deposit some money.
  3. Select the country and service for a virtual message.
  4. Press ‘buy SMS’ near the service icon.
  5. Go to recent requests, find the number there.
  6. Insert this number during the Feeld registration.
  7. During registration, return to to receive an SMS.
  8. Use the obtained code to finish the process.

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