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How to use a KakaoTalk fake phone number


Want to quickly sign up for Kakao, but do not have a number? Then, the best variant is to use fake korean phone number for KakaoTalk activation.

What do you know about KakaoTalk? Many Internet users think that it is a messenger used in Korea only. However, its popularity has gone far beyond the borders of this country. In fact, as of now, it is translated to 15 languages, including English, and is actively used in more than 130 countries.

Why do users all over the globe choose this messenger? It offers a full set of functions for communication: free voice and video calls, texting, voice messages, group chats, exchanging locations, photos, and other types of files. And that is complemented by a user-friendly interface, a large collection of stickers, as well as a funny design.

In practice, the biggest inconvenience one may encounter is a phone verification procedure. One cannot avoid that. Besides, if one uses a mobile number registered outside Korea, there is a high risk that the activation will take longer – up to several days.

Yet, in fact, you do not obligatorily have to link your real number to an account. You can safely use a fake number for KakaoTalk sign-up. So, at the online store Sms-man, you can buy a KakaoTalk fake phone number from $0,08 and receive your verification code to it. Besides, in our assortment, there are mobile numbers from both Korean and foreign operators. All of them are intended for one-time use, so you should not worry that they have some negative history or that they can belong to someone else.

How to create an account with a KakaoTalk fake phone number?


How to create an account with a fake korean phone number?

  1. Make a profile on our source in the first place.

Make an account at to buy a Kakaotalk fake phone number

2. Transfer a sum needed for buying a virtual number for the messenger chosen.

Make a deposit at to get a Kakaotalk fake phone number

3. Choose a suitable fake number for KakaoTalk.


4. Download the messenger to your smartphone and start it.

Sign up with a fake number for KakaoTalk

5. The first stage is the confirmation of a phone number.

Enter your Kakaotalk fake phone number

6. You can copy it from your cabinet on our website.

Copy a Kakaotalk fake phone number bought

7. After you enter it in the form, return to your cabinet on our website again and copy the activation code.

Receive an activation code to a Kakaotalk fake phone number

8. When your Kakaotalk fake phone number is linked, you will be prompted to create a password and to fill in the information about yourself, like your name, nickname, status, etc.

Fill in the information for your Kakao profile

In the end, we would like to mention that, in addition to a fake number for KakaoTalk, we can provide you with a disposable number for Taobao, WeChat, Instagram, and other sources. Remember that it is advisable to avoid entering any personal information on any websites, for the sake of privacy. So, be sure to have a close look at the list of websites available on our home page.

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