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How to сreate a Grindr account without phone number

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Sexuality is not just a word today. The world changes, people find new ways to love each other. And Grindr was designed to help them.

Almost nobody knows, but Grindr is a “father” of Tinder! So it may be even better somewhere. Let’s find out how to sign up here.

How to signup Grindr

  1. At first, you can’t use it on a PC. So the first step is to download the Grindr application on your iOS or Android.
  2. After that, we can start the signup procedure. In the first step, we need to open the app and start the procedure. Click here signup.
  3. The terms and services will appear. Accept all and go further, all interesting in future.
  4. In appeared form you have to fill all fields correctly. Type your valid e-mail, use strong password, date of birth (you must be at least 18), pass the captcha.
  5. Now we faced the most interesting step: you have to type your phone number. But what can you do if you want to keep number in privacy? This step is necessary, but I will show you how to cheat here.

How to bypass Grindr phone verification?

Unfortunately, you can’t leave this field unfilled.

Here I we can use virtual phone number. It allows you to keep your personal data in control.

How to get fake number

Let’s use reliable Telegram bot to get it from Here you can easily buy number from almost every country of the world and for every app you know. At the beginning you will see that

After clicking buy number, click “Please select a country” and start writing US

Click it and go further. Now choose an app you need. In our case it is Grindr.

Number will appear and you’ll copy that.

Now paste it into form in app correctly and click “Send code”. Then return into bot and click “Get SMS” behind number.

After clicking “Get SMS” you’ll see your Grindr verification code . Copy it, paste into app.

Click verify and find your love with Grindr!
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